4 Can’t Miss Steps To Confidently Get Prospects To Yes!!

Getting your ideal clients engaged on the phone with you in a sales conversation is a must have part of your business building strategy.

I bet that if I asked 100 entrepreneurs what, other than marketing, makes YES PINKthem nervous and fearful, they’d say sales.  As in closing the sale.  Yes. The thought of asking people to pay you for your services is hard for you.

I use to feel the same way, but then I heard something that changed everything for me:  It’s as honorable to sell as it is to buy.

Unless you get comfortable in knowing that it’s as honorable to sell as it is to buy, you won’t get to help more people. Period.

I can give you the mechanics of how to close the sale effortlessly but you have to have the mindset that supports that you are more than enough, fully qualified and ready to serve others through your gifts and talents.  And more than anything you are deserving of each client you attract. Without a personal belief that you can and will bring transformation to your prospective client, there’s not much I can tell you.

You also need a process in place that allow you to have sales conversations with prospects who has self selected him/her self as an ideal client for you.  The best clients are those who find you because they have the problem that you are known to solve and they resonate with you and feel that they can get value and transformation from you. There are a few ways that you can get prospects to self select.  By being able to clearly highlight who they would say that they are, what they are struggling with and what they need to stop struggling, they can read the description and easily say, “yes, this is me.”  Or “no, I need to keep looking.”

Then you want to give them pre-requisites to establish their commitment level.  Take it from me; no one wants to work with clients who aren’t committed to doing the work and getting the results.  NO ONE. So, the way to gauge their commitment level is to ensure that BEFORE they talk with you, they have a few things they need to do.  This will also help you to see how they are going to be as clients. You can decide what these things are, but make them good and relevant to working with you.

In addition to mindset you MUST have a clear closing the sale conversation flow that works.  Yes, I said one that works.  There are so many ways you can handle this conversation but you better make sure that you have at least these 4 phases so that at the end you are welcoming a new client.  I have used this format and I teach it to my clients and collectively we enjoy a 90% closing rate of welcoming new clients:

  • Step 1: Build Rapport
  • Step 2: Confidently Take Control and  Establish Expectations
  • Step 3: Discover the Cost of the Problem
  • Step 4: Transition from problem to possibility
  • Step 5: Offer your solution

To Recap Here are the 4 Things YOU MUST have in Place to CONFIDENTLY Get Prospects to YES!


To close the sale is as much mindset as it is skill.  You have to tap into your confidence and self-esteem and recognize that YOU are the right fit for them to get the transformation that they need.






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