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3 Reasons Your Confidence Is In The B.A.G.

If your goals don’t scare you, they’re not BIG Enough!!!

goal so big

The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them!

The problem is most entrepreneurs don’t dream big enough. Instead they settle for less or take the safe route.  Big  goals give you focus, focus gives you power, power gives you



Accomplishing Big goals is also great boost for confidence,self esteem and energy levels.

I want to share three reasons greater confidence lies in setting goals…  but not just any goals but… “Big” goals.  I’m talking about big, audacious, scary-looking goals.

Why Your Confidence Is In The Big Audacious Goals:

1. Big Goals Stretch You

A goal of losing 10 pounds this month will stretch you more than a goal of losing 1 pound this month.  Likewise a goal of earning $10,000 this month will stretch you more than a goal of earning $100. Why?  …Because big goals “ask” more of you, and inevitably you give them more in return!

Big goals pull you out of your comfort zone, which is the only place success occurs.

When you get out of your comfort zone, then you’re able to make progress; little goals do not provide you with such luxuries.

Big goals have the power to pull you forward faster!

2. Big Goals Inspire You

A goal of losing 10 pounds this month will inspire you more than a goal of losing 1 pound.  There’s nothing inspiring about losing 1 pound.  You won’t look any different if you lose 1 pound; you won’t feel any different if you lose 1 pound.

The same goes for earning money in your business.  A goal of making $10,000 this month will inspire you more than a goal of making $100.  Am I right or am I right?

Little goals just aren’t inspiring. 

But Big Audacious Goals inspire, big goals give you a vision, they allow you to imagine the possibilities, they motivate you!

I can imagine what it would feel like to lose 10 pounds, I can see in my mind, I can visualize how I will look, and this vision gives me the inspiration to achieve the goal.

3. Big Goals Reveal Your Weaknesses as Well as Your Strengths

A goal of creating $10,000 more in your business this month will reveal more of your weaknesses, and show more of your strengths, than a goal of creating $100 more this month.

Tell me more…

“Big goals” reveal where you struggle!  Why?  Because they force you to move quickly, and when you try to move quickly towards a goal, you begin to learn what’s holding you back.

As an example…If you’re trying to create $10,000 more in your business this month, you will quickly see that spending all day on social media and  offering your service for $150 isn’t a great idea.  Why?  Because you will be looking for and expecting results more quickly, therefore you will analyze your actions with much greater scrutiny, until you arrive at a meaningful conclusion.

When you go after “big goals,” the process puts a spotlight on your weaknesses…

…Big goals will reveal weaknesses in your strategy.

Additionally, big goals will show you your strengths.  If I’m trying to create $10,000 this month versus $100 , I’m more apt to notice what things I’m doing well.

When you know your strengths, you can exploit them to your benefit…another luxury that little goals don’t provide you with.

Take Action:

1. Choose one goal you want to celebrate completing 30 days from now.

Make it:

  • Bold
  • Specific
  • Realistic

Examples of my client’s Bid Audacious Goals are:

  • Getting 10 new speaking gigs scheduled
  • Launching a new high ticket ($1,000 or more)  program or package,
  • Getting 5 new clients
  • Making $10,000 a month

Did you notice how specific these goals were? If yours starts out with the words
“more” or “some,”  that Won’t  work!!! Get crystal clear and pinpoint exactly what you want to accomplish.

You do NOT need to know HOW you are going to reach your big goal!
If you focus on the “how” you WILL get stuck. Decide what you want to
accomplish . The how can wait for now. I promise it will work.

2.  Write down your Big Audacious Goal on paper

On a separate piece of paper, write your Bold Goal starting with the
phrase, “I am a commitment to: ______”.

3. Now brainstorm all the ways you can reach your Big Audacious Goal

I often ask my clients in brainstorming sessions to generate income, “What’s the fastest way to generate $100,000?”  They undoubtedly start rambling off all of the ways based on their current services…..

Sell 1000 of this, 50 of this, or 100 of that…..I stop them and say think outside the box.  The fastest way to make $100,000 is to sell a product, service, or program for $100,000…BAM!  it’s that easy, right?

So make your list of 50 ways you can accomplish you goal and don’t stop until you hit 50….The magic happens around 20 when you creativity opens up!

Take a walk on the wild side, GET COURAGEOUS, and dip your toe in the unthinkable. What would you be prepared to do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Be adventurous and identify all the ways you could maximize your chances of your succeeding.

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Shameca Tankerson is Founder of Stiletto Wealth Society, a global community Dedicated to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Bold Breakthrough Business Strategies to Uncover their Flow Factor™, Gain Confidence they can Cash In,  and leverage it to Create an Amazing Life and Business.

She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and are deeply and secretly scared of showing up as POWERFULDYNAMIC,  and CONFIDENT to courageously own “who they be” and leverage it!


5 Confidence Crushing Pricing Mistakes That Are Costing You Big Time!

Your pricing is your announcement to the world of your confidence in your self-worth-nosalestodayskill-set.

So Why do so many of us struggle with putting a dollars sign on the value of our services?…

Most people make several mistakes when setting a price for their services or programs.

Mistake #1.  Add up the costs of delivering what they sell and add only a small fee (for themselves) on the top of that.

Mistake #2.  They figure out how many hours they will need to work to deliver the service and simply set the price based on that.

Mistake #3.  They look at what everyone else is charging and set their price roughly in the same ball-park.

Mistake #4.  They create a new product, program or service, outline or create the content, then jump straight to pulling a price out of thin air.

Big mistake!

Not one of those methods accounts for the value of the impact your working with the client will have on them; how they will be better off after using your services.

Huge Mistake #5.   Talking yourself out of client’s paying you and assuming that you can’t charge more than a certain – usually pretty low – amount for what you do and that your audience won’t pay more because…

… Because that’s how things are in your market, area, city….yada-yada-yada!
… Because nobody charges more for this kind of work!
… Because nobody makes a lot of money in your line of business.

Etc., etc…. blah, blah, blah! You add your own “excuse” to this list!

Confidence Boosting Pricing Secret Sauce…

Many entrepreneurs provide only one option for prospective clients and prospects can take it or leave it.

Let’s be clear, most people will leave it and that will leave you feeling inadequate and unsure of you ability to effectively offer the results you know in your heart that you can offer.

I don’t want that for you. Today, I’m clear that you’ve got to offer options so your clients can find a place to fit into to solve the problem they have using your products, services and systems.

If you want to attract more prospects and turn them into clients who pay, you’ve got to give them a few different options – people LOVE options because they feel like they are in control of the buying decision.

When I began to offer a few different options, I began to sign up more and more clients for my programs and I know you can get excited at the thought of doing the same.

Here’s  my #1 Confidence Boosting Pricing Recommendation:

Offer different price points of service so there is one for every budget. BAM!

Every business has three types of customers: customers who want discounts, regular folks, and customers who want the red carpet treatment.

When you add a red carpet option, you’ll find that most people will avoid it. You’ll also find that people will avoid your cheapest option, too.


When people buy products and services they avoid the extremes (the cheapest and most expensive) and settle for the middle ground.

All you’re really doing is ensuring that your pricing caters to each customer segment.  That way, my lovelies,  no matter which option they choose, it’s okay!

Here’s Confidence Boosting Pricing Recommendation #2

You want to use a clear process that reliably uncovers exactly what your unique brand of transformation is worth to your clients… and what it’s worth to YOU!

  • The transformation that your clients want in their lives – the results!
  • The cost of not making a change
  • What will unfold for them as a result of making that change
  •  What that’s REALLY worth to them, in dollars

Once you have all of that information, you can confidently set a fee that your
clients will gladly accept. And it will likely be much, much higher than what you’re
charging (or can even imagine charging) now.

Of course, you MUST believe in your new fee, 100%. That’s why if you want to confidently price your programs and services and earn what you deserve, you’ll also have to work on YOURSELF, too.

You’ll be amazed at how following these simple fixes will dramatically boost your confidence,  your bank account along with it, and ultimately grow your business.

Would you like to reprint this article? 
All we ask is that you use this byline:

Shameca Tankerson is Founder of Stiletto Wealth Society, a global community Dedicated to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Bold Breakthrough Business Strategies to Uncover their Flow Factor™, Gain Confidence they can Cash In,  and leverage it to Create an Amazing Life and Business.

She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and are deeply and secretly scared of showing up as POWERFULDYNAMIC,  and CONFIDENT to courageously own “who they be” and leverage it!

Its Wake Up Wednesday!!!

Its Wake Up Wednesdays!!!!

wake up wednesdays

Wake Up Wednesday is a challenge to think outside yourself -to wake up and realize what’s going on around you.

It’s about being purposeful and intentional about impacting the world around you.

Last Weeks Challenge:

Last weeks challenge was to Change Someone’s Day.  Last week’s challenge was to change someone’s day.  I wrote an encouraging note to someone who impressed me and sent something with it.

Did anyone get to change someone’s day?  Let’s hear about it.  Thanks for being here.

This week’s challenge is to refrain from speaking negatively about others. 

Yeah, that’s a big one.  It’s so easy to analyze other people’s actions and make comments to others about them.  Sometimes it’s just a little thing, but my mom used to make us evaluate whether what we were saying was kind, necessary, and true.  Yikes.  That cuts out a lot of conversation 🙂
For me there’s a goal that’s even bigger than this that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  I have come to the conclusion that is it really important for us to believe in each other – not to criticize or analyze, but to believe.  Believing in others helps them rise to their potential.  I have witnessed some amazing changes in others when someone chose to believe in them.If you’d like to share how last week’s challenge went, share it in the comment section.  And thank you so much for visiting my blog.  You guys all really help, encourage, and uplift me.

Happy Wednesday!


Confidence Is The New Currency!!!

Forget What You’ve Heard Confidence Is The New Currency.confidence

Don’t believe me?  Where do your eyes stop when you walk into a networking event scanning the room to determine who you should meet?

I’ll tell you…

They stop at the person who “owns the room:” who’s confidence is oozing out and catching your attention immediately. Confidence is no doubt the first thing we identify in a person or company.  Its also what gives us the courage to buy what it is they are selling.

Confidence is one of your most important attributes as an entrepreneur. It’s the key to getting noticed and creating relationships that advance your business and life.

Go ahead Ask me… Shameca, How do I become confident?

In my opinion, the first step is knowing we are all born with confidence. Not until life started happening to you did you become fearful of expressing all of you God inspired gifts and talents.  To course correct, you’ve just gotta find your way back to the confident version of yourself.

Just like prosperity and abundance, displaying confidence is your birthright. So, if you’ve lost your way, I have a few tips for you, and if they fit your personality…ROCK them, because you deserve to build a life and business that brings you joy!


Here are 6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Achieve Life and Business Success

  1. Focus on you natural strengths and use them daily.  Each of us has strengths; natural gifts, talents, and abilities; And we were born with them. You know… It’s those things that you do naturally or instinctively,  Its those deep-seated, intrinsic things that you do well and get praised for.  Yep, those are your strengths! Your goal, is to begin using them each and every day. Spend as much time as you possibly can doing what you excel at instead of spending time on those things that you do okay. This will position you as an expert AND build your confidence.
  2. Shift Your Mindset.  Its a known fact that you get what you focus on and you get what you expect. Expect that things are set up to work on your behalf.  When you begin to focus on what you expect instead of what you are experiencing, your confidence in those areas will soar.
  3. Keep The Things That Boost Your Confidence and Illustrate Your Value Close To You. My favorite way to do this is my “Self Worth Journal”.  It list what i’ve accomplished in my life.  It shares the story behind my confidence.  So, when i’m having a moment of self doubt or feeling like i’m not enough yet, (yes, it happens once in a while) i can reflect on all I have accomplished.
  4. Fill Your Self Worth Bank.  One of my favorite things to suggest that my students and clients to do is spend a few minutes when they wake in the morning and before going to bed.  Get in front of a mirror and tell yourself 3 things you love about you. This will boost and reinforce all that is amazing about you and position you to be ready to confidently take on the task and assignments that will get you closer to your objectives and goals.
  5. Build Your “Defy Impossible” List.  You know… those things that you thought were going to be so hard but turned out to be a piece of cake.  Write them down. For instance, one of mine was losing weight and getting healthier.  I thought I’d never weigh less than 200 lbs ever again in my adult life. It use to be impossible but with food,  strength and endurance training, I did it!   And  accomplishing that task boosted my confidence.  Woot! Woot!
  6. Get and Play Your Theme Song Before Meetings.  Now music is  one of my secret weapons.  What I love about music is it immediately shifts energy and positions us to take confident steps toward our goals.  So get a theme song and play it daily or as many times a day as you need to keep your confidence high!

So… Talk to me!  These are my tips but I want to here from you…

  • How do you keep your confidence high?
  • What do you do when you’re feeling unsure?
  • How do you position yourself to be your best at all time?






Would you like to reprint this article? 
All we ask is that you use this byline:

Shameca Tankerson is Founder of Stiletto Wealth Society, a global community Dedicated to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs To  Get Bold and use Breakthrough Business Strategies to Uncover their Flow Factor™, Gain Confidence they can Cash In,  and leverage it to Build an Amazing Life and Business.

She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and are deeply and secretly scared of showing up as POWERFULDYNAMIC,  and CONFIDENT to courageously own “who they be” and leverage it!

You know You’re Playing Small When….

So, what happens when you dim your light? download

In the infamous words of Marianne Williamson:

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.

When you let your light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

Real Truth:   you never reach your true potential and you seldom change the lives of others. You wander  from one thing to the next, never really settling on what you should be doing to leave a legacy because you’ve decided that being who you were created to be isn’t really all that great, and that somehow if you downplay who you are, you will help more people.

Am I describing you?

Here’s My Question;  Why did you become an entrepreneur and start your own business if you weren’t going to shine?

Real Talk: entrepreneurship takes guts.  Guts to move when everyone else is saying stay. Guts to invest when others are holding on tightly to their wallets. Guts to lead when everyone else is falling into the crowd. You have to be willing to lose when others are winning.

So, why do so many entrepreneurs play small? Doing just enough to get by instead of going big?

It’s because they are fearful of what others will think of them when they win. Or, it’s for fear of what they will think of themselves.

I know  you’re saying, “No, that’s not me,” but isn’t it?

You hold back on your gifting and don’t figure out how to make it work by investing in yourself because the thought of winning, of succeeding, scares the bejesus out of you!

Then there are those of you who believe that you are playing big, doing everything you know to do so that you can grow your business yet it’s not happening.

What’s your problem?

You see, abundance flows freely in situations and circumstances when we are transparent and open to receiving all the gifts that God and His abundant universe have for us.


(Pay attention to the list to see where you are downplaying your God inspired gifts and worth because it’s time for a Stiletto Step Up as, as we call it in the society)

1. When someone gives you a compliment, you say, “Oh, that, that was nothing.” Instead of taking a bow and just saying thank you.

How do I know?

Because I use to do the same thing. The thought that someone wouldn’t like me if they knew how good I was at whatever it was made me want to appear less great. You do realize that it’s very easy to just say thank you. It makes the giver of the compliment feel good because they were able to give you something that was received.

2. Not charging what you’re worth or not charging at all. You don’t charge what you know you should for fear that they will not pay you and you have come to the conclusion that some income is better than none so you charge less and feel horrible about it.

Whenever you don’t get paid what you’re worth, you are not able to give freely unto others. You perform the task they underpaid you for with disdain and that shows.

3. Not investing in yourself or your business. When you don’t invest it’s for one of two reasons:

one, you’re fearful about the financial commitment or two, you believe you know it all and don’t need help.

We all need help. There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. We all need others to achieve our goals and dreams.  If you could do it by yourself, it would already be done.

I dare you to ask a millionaire if he became one all by himself. Ask one and I bet you he will name the countless people who aided in his journey.

4. Not accepting gifts. By not taking a gift that someone is giving you, you are bringing more strife into your life. The flow of abundance stagnates as soon as you don’t accept it. Remember giving and receiving are spiritual foundations.

5. Not accepting an opportunity. When given an opportunity based on something you’ve asked for but you don’t take it for fear of failure or success, you are downplaying your God Inspired gifts and you magnificence which means that you really want to remain the way you’ve been. Change or growth is really not your desire, which means you are lying to yourself and more importantly to God.

6. Withholding. This is the big one. Examples of withholding include not tipping your waiter or waitress accordingly when out to eat or my favorite: not being your best at all times – a true downplay. Holding back who you are and what you are capable of because you fear that others will judge you.

So how do you stop downplaying who you really are, Stiletto Step Up,  and start experiencing true abundance?

Own it. As they say, “ownership is 9/10th of the law.”

When you completely, fully own who you are and what you were created to do by taking personal responsibility, you get to enjoy the law of circulation and all of its fruits in your life consistently.

Ownership is serious. In fact, it’s mandatory if you desire to play big and help others to experience transformation through you.

Ownership is about developing, mastering and implementing the mindset shifts and beliefs that exhibit power in all areas of your life.

When you develop the confidence and poise to trust what you’ve been given to share with the world, by saying an unequivocal yes, you start to experience the benefits of ownership. And I, for one, believe that ownership has its privileges.


1. List all of the ways you have been downplaying your God inspired gifts and worth.

2. Get clear on the reasons why you have chosen those self-sabotaging behaviors.

3. Ask yourself if there is any evidence to support why you have been behaving this way?

4. Now that you are aware of the ways you have been downplaying, create a plan of how you will stop downplaying immediately going forward.

5. When you are allowing abundance to flow into your life and business, what will your life and business look like? Describe what you want instead.

6. How does this vision make you feel?






Would you like to reprint this article? 
All we ask is that you use this byline:

Shameca Tankerson is Founder of Stiletto Wealth Society, a global community Dedicated to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs To  Get Bold and use Breakthrough Business Strategies to Uncover their Flow Factor™, Gain Confidence they can Cash In,  and leverage it to Build an Amazing Life and Business.

She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and are deeply and secretly scared of showing up as POWERFULDYNAMIC,  and CONFIDENT to courageously own “who they be” and leverage it!

It’s Wake Up Wednesday

Last Week We Started A new Trend for The Society!

It’s called Wake Up Wednesdays!!!!

Wake Up Wednesday is a challenge to think outside yourself –

to wake up and realize what’s going on around you. It’s about being purposeful and intentional about impacting the world around you.

wake up wednesdays

Last Weeks Challenge:

Last weeks challenge was to smile at everyone you meet.  Smiling at strangers is not hard for me.  I’m always smiling at people.  So I added a little extra challenge for my self and the goal was to get them to smile back.

I had a lot of fun with it.

This week’s challenge is to change someone’s day. 

We all have the power to change someone’s day for the better.  I don’t think it’s even that hard.   It just requires a little thought.  This challenge has infinite possibilities.  I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.  I don’t have anything planned yet, but I’m excited to think of something.

I’d love to hear how you changed someones day!  Post your story in the comments.

Have Fun!

Money Talk Affirmation: I Believe It Can Be Done

Before any goal I declare can be accomplished, i must first believe that it can be done.  With this understanding, I set my mind in motion to find a way, better yet, I set my mind in motion to make a way to do it.  Whatever my mind truly believes, my mind will help me achieve and therefore  create my reality.  Believing something can be done, paves the way for my creative imagination and focused determination to bring it to fruition.


Declare Today:

I believe it can be done.


As you reflect on this  money talk affirmation, answer the following questions: 


  1. What is your top goal at this point in your life?
  2. Have you made sure the goal is specific and realistic?  Do you believe it can be done?
  3. What can you do today to make progress toward getting it done?


If you FEEL STUCK and want one-on-one guidance to make progress and FINALLY MOVE FORWARD… don’t delay, 


REPLY to THIS post for a Strategy Session 


JOIN US for Money Talk This Month:

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I regularly work with women (and a few good men) to help them turn their financial aspirations into reality. My goal is to help you utilize practical tools to enhance both business and personal financial wealth.  During my strategy session you’ll be able to ask me anything you want about your finances, idea or business,  so that we can move your life and legacy forward.

Get Naked and Prosper

Hello Beautiful

Here I go again… I know what you’re thinking.  “What’s the deal with this chick + sex +  money.”

When it comes to discussing intimate affairs in our society, money might even be more taboo than sex.

News flash Love…

People whisper quietly about money + sex because they are closely related…

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, concluded that a very important aspect in the process of gaining wealth was tied to sex. He said that “The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability.” This “seat of power” and the ability to create is uniquely tied to the essence of wealth.

My Take On It

Money remains a charged topic because, for many people, because it’s a proxy for self-worth + self-esteem.

The Power Is In This Truth

Get Naked!

Peel off all of those exterior layers and get down to the core of who you are!  If this involves literally getting naked in front of a mirror, then go for it!  I WON’T JUDGE!

Accelerate Your Wealth Potential

Activate the Divine Feminine Essence of Wealth™

Authority + Sensuality + Harmony


Get to the core of who God created you to be.

Get Real Comfortable in Your own skin so you can welcome the flow of wealth +  prosperity into your inner circle.

Love …  ARE YOU LISTENING……  You Deserve To Make Good Money.  Infinite Wealth is your divine Birthright!

Take Action

Activate you Wealth Potential  + Make Some Deposits In Your Self Worth Bank Account: Do something every day to nurture your power of creation + self care +  intuition.

Here are some tips:

1: trash your to do list TODAY +  replace it  with 3 actions directly tied to your prosperity (money making actions)  and accomplish those three TODAY

2:  take time for you TODAY + do something you really enjoy that makes you feel taken care of… bubble bath, get a massage, oil + nourish your skin + body

3: Listen to Your Soul TODAY + take time to quiet your mind +  journal your thoughts.  You will find that you are a source of valuable infinite wisdom and an expert on how to handle any situation in your life.

Do this everyday for a week and watch what shows up in your life!  I’d love to hear about it….

Love, Hugs, and Blessings

$1000 A Day??? How Dare You!!! Really??

Hey Love,

FACT :: Prosperity favors the bold. But being bold can be completely terrifying.
AND :: The outcome can be undeniably, irresistibly sweet!
Let me Love on you and give you a quick word of encouragement::
A How Dare You??? Who Do YOU think you are?? Steppin’ Out In Your New Stilettos – Move of brilliance!
In a series of gorgeous swoops (some tiny and some gigantic) you can get rid of the smaller packages that aren’t making you much cash – and wasting your time + energy – put your creativity up on a pedestal, and raise your day rate to $1,000.

Yep. ONE. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. A DAY.      – That’s $1,000.00 per day!!

It may take some sweat and some tears.

(yes:: you my cry with relief, joy and umm, yes, fear.)

But you’ve got to get big-girl bold and raise those rates!  I did and now I’ve even got a waiting-list.

You can do that for your business, you know.

“Oh girl, how DARE she!”

How DARE I, indeed.

Because…I’m worth it? Eh. Sure. So are other (cheaper) folks.
Because…I’m booked 2 months in advance? Maybe. Getting closer.
Because…I’m offering a ferociously swift income acceleration service that no one else in the world can provide, in precisely the way that I swing it? Possibly. Better.
Because…having persuasive, memorable & inspiring programs, products, and services to monetize your life’s learning is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, in business acceleration & personal clarity? Uh-huh. Sooo close.
Because…when my clients invest $1,000 to spend a day with me, we both show up FULLY — and the result is a creative crystal clear glitter-bomb that’s bigger & more meaningful that either one of us could imagine?BINGO.

Now, I’m not suggesting that people inherently have to pay major bucks to revel in the positive side-effects of deep commitment.

But something fascinating happens when you charge “how DARE you!” rates for your time…

You raise the brilliance barometer — for yourself.
You RISE to your own self-declared pricetag.
You make Darn sure that you’re worth it — that you’re giving everything you’ve got, every time.
And your clients ELEVATE to meet you, there.

To put it down sharply…

How DARE you command breathtaking rates for your time?

For your book learnin’, street learnin’ & synthesized wisdom? For your DNA-inscribed gifts? For the opportunity to experience the summit of your capacity to serve, to inspire, to create, to transform — lives, businesses, communities, societies, the planet? For the skills that people are literally falling in line to get a dose of? For your LIFE’s WORK?

How DARE you…not.

Oh, yes you can. Choose it now.

Stick with me, sweetie. I’ll get you there.

Self + Love + Business

Where does it come from? 

Luscious Dark Chocolate squares waiting on my kitchen counter and a cup of hot tea with just enough sweetener—and all for me + an unexpected compliment…from myself + blue sky over Cali after days of smog + free parking on a busy downtown street + a chance to help someone else uncover their self :: love :: business + their entrepreneurial movement + getting paid for my talent— now that’s hot!

I wasted years of my life ignoring the delicious, self-satisfying reward of self :: love :: business.

I traded my potential for transactions laced with cash—and only cash. I caught glimpses of something more—helping a friend revamp her life with deep conversations, witnessing other people boast deliciously about their new careers and foreign travel—but the elusive happiness I bumped into always slipped away too soon, and I would go back to fighting for breath in my anemic life.

I blamed the rain, my past, my sucky-suck relationships, the stock market, and anything else that crossed my path of chronic, unending self-pity. Ouch.

What I realize now is that it’s not about what I don’t have.  It’s not about what I don’t own. And it has nothing to do with what I don’t know. It’s about what I can give my self :: love :: business.  I deeply believe it’s about…    

honoring :: your gifts. radically

trading :: status quo :: for sanity

serving yourself :: seconds :: of what you love

making self :: love :: business a priority

It comes from working hard at what you love + taking time to enjoy the rewards + feeling playful and empowered + accepting the limits of your heart  + reaching out and looking inward + celebrating Monday (not just Friday) …and expressing your self :: love :: business daily—not just the one day out of the year when it’s socially acceptable.

Take Action!

What can you do today to express you self :: Love :: Business?

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