3 Reasons Your Confidence Is In The B.A.G.

If your goals don’t scare you, they’re not BIG Enough!!!

goal so big

The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them!

The problem is most entrepreneurs don’t dream big enough. Instead they settle for less or take the safe route.  Big  goals give you focus, focus gives you power, power gives you



Accomplishing Big goals is also great boost for confidence,self esteem and energy levels.

I want to share three reasons greater confidence lies in setting goals…  but not just any goals but… “Big” goals.  I’m talking about big, audacious, scary-looking goals.

Why Your Confidence Is In The Big Audacious Goals:

1. Big Goals Stretch You

A goal of losing 10 pounds this month will stretch you more than a goal of losing 1 pound this month.  Likewise a goal of earning $10,000 this month will stretch you more than a goal of earning $100. Why?  …Because big goals “ask” more of you, and inevitably you give them more in return!

Big goals pull you out of your comfort zone, which is the only place success occurs.

When you get out of your comfort zone, then you’re able to make progress; little goals do not provide you with such luxuries.

Big goals have the power to pull you forward faster!

2. Big Goals Inspire You

A goal of losing 10 pounds this month will inspire you more than a goal of losing 1 pound.  There’s nothing inspiring about losing 1 pound.  You won’t look any different if you lose 1 pound; you won’t feel any different if you lose 1 pound.

The same goes for earning money in your business.  A goal of making $10,000 this month will inspire you more than a goal of making $100.  Am I right or am I right?

Little goals just aren’t inspiring. 

But Big Audacious Goals inspire, big goals give you a vision, they allow you to imagine the possibilities, they motivate you!

I can imagine what it would feel like to lose 10 pounds, I can see in my mind, I can visualize how I will look, and this vision gives me the inspiration to achieve the goal.

3. Big Goals Reveal Your Weaknesses as Well as Your Strengths

A goal of creating $10,000 more in your business this month will reveal more of your weaknesses, and show more of your strengths, than a goal of creating $100 more this month.

Tell me more…

“Big goals” reveal where you struggle!  Why?  Because they force you to move quickly, and when you try to move quickly towards a goal, you begin to learn what’s holding you back.

As an example…If you’re trying to create $10,000 more in your business this month, you will quickly see that spending all day on social media and  offering your service for $150 isn’t a great idea.  Why?  Because you will be looking for and expecting results more quickly, therefore you will analyze your actions with much greater scrutiny, until you arrive at a meaningful conclusion.

When you go after “big goals,” the process puts a spotlight on your weaknesses…

…Big goals will reveal weaknesses in your strategy.

Additionally, big goals will show you your strengths.  If I’m trying to create $10,000 this month versus $100 , I’m more apt to notice what things I’m doing well.

When you know your strengths, you can exploit them to your benefit…another luxury that little goals don’t provide you with.

Take Action:

1. Choose one goal you want to celebrate completing 30 days from now.

Make it:

  • Bold
  • Specific
  • Realistic

Examples of my client’s Bid Audacious Goals are:

  • Getting 10 new speaking gigs scheduled
  • Launching a new high ticket ($1,000 or more)  program or package,
  • Getting 5 new clients
  • Making $10,000 a month

Did you notice how specific these goals were? If yours starts out with the words
“more” or “some,”  that Won’t  work!!! Get crystal clear and pinpoint exactly what you want to accomplish.

You do NOT need to know HOW you are going to reach your big goal!
If you focus on the “how” you WILL get stuck. Decide what you want to
accomplish . The how can wait for now. I promise it will work.

2.  Write down your Big Audacious Goal on paper

On a separate piece of paper, write your Bold Goal starting with the
phrase, “I am a commitment to: ______”.

3. Now brainstorm all the ways you can reach your Big Audacious Goal

I often ask my clients in brainstorming sessions to generate income, “What’s the fastest way to generate $100,000?”  They undoubtedly start rambling off all of the ways based on their current services…..

Sell 1000 of this, 50 of this, or 100 of that…..I stop them and say think outside the box.  The fastest way to make $100,000 is to sell a product, service, or program for $100,000…BAM!  it’s that easy, right?

So make your list of 50 ways you can accomplish you goal and don’t stop until you hit 50….The magic happens around 20 when you creativity opens up!

Take a walk on the wild side, GET COURAGEOUS, and dip your toe in the unthinkable. What would you be prepared to do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Be adventurous and identify all the ways you could maximize your chances of your succeeding.

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She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and are deeply and secretly scared of showing up as POWERFULDYNAMIC,  and CONFIDENT to courageously own “who they be” and leverage it!


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