Confidence And Making Money Go Hand In Hand

Self-confidence and making money go together. Have you ever met a u are worth itperson of very low self-confidence making lots of money? No, because unless some one is confident about themselves they cannot make money or may have a real dysfunctional relationship with money.

Just to clarify, we’re not talking about self-worth or identity being tied to how much money you have (money does not make who you are). We’re talking about how your concept of yourself calls the shots on the level of income or success you’re able to achieve. Your self-esteem affects everything you are, have and do. It governs your every action and reaction.

So if deep down you don’t have confidence in yourself, or your mind is always churning with limitations and fears, you won’t recognize great opportunities right in front of you. Even if you do, it’s unlikely you’d pursue them the way a confident person would.

Increase your confidence with these easy steps.

STEP 1 – Forgive yourself every night an let go of  all the blunders you make during the day. Don’t criticize yourself – Instead take a look at your mistakes and find out what went wrong or what you could have done differently to get a different outcome. Do not, I repeat, Do NOT involve any emotions. Analyze strictly to figure out how to correct things next time.’

STEP 2 – Read books written by authors that inspire you. Write down the passages that you like. By writing, you develop hand and mind coordination and mind remembers the text more easily. Write down and paste the paper around the places where you spend the most time.

STEP 3 – Thank God and everybody else for the good stuff. An attitude of gratitude is very important in life. When we express our thanks, we feel good. This feeling increases our confidence. Try it and you’ll realize a change or a shift in your sense of well being, relaxation,  and energy you feel.

STEP 4 – Keep negative people away from you. There are many people who enjoy criticizing others. They get off on putting others down, finding faults, and raining on parades. Keep away from such negative Nancy’s (my apologies if your name is Nancy, ha ha)  because they will take away your self-confidence and steel your joy. Keep the company of those people who add to your confidence.  Hang around those who praise you for your achievements and qualities. They is always a definite boost to your confidence.

STEP 5 – Celebrate Every Success! Forget failures as soon as possible and remember your successes. Remembering failure makes us negative. Avoid that. Remember and put more emphasis on your good qualities and achievements. Thinking of failures just makes us feel bad and then worst the more we dwell on them. While thinking of a smallest success makes us feel happy and boost our confidence.

STEP 6 – Help others whenever you get an opportunity. Helping others in even the smallest ways will make you feel good,  make you feel worthy and increase your self-esteem.

STEP 7 – Take the reins. It’s when we take 100% responsibility for our lives that life truly begins. . Be an active agent, instead of a passive victim. Meaning don’t blame others for your circumstances. Make conscious choices. Decide what you want and how to get there, find solutions for any obstacles, and be the architect of your life.

STEP 8 – Take risks. Life begins outside your comfort zone, as the saying goes. That doesn’t mean jumping out of a plane, or even putting yourself in the panic zone. It means being willing to be uncomfortable in order to achieve your goals. Decide that failure is not an option. Even if you do fail, you’re experiencing a courageous side of yourself, which builds your self-esteem.

STEP 9 – Meet challenges instead of avoiding them. Proving to yourself that you can step up and handle problems that arise raises your sense of well-being over time.

STEP 10 – Practice expecting the best. Many people believe they’re not worthy of happiness. And our culture doesn’t help any, with the dumb idea that if things are going too well,  something’s bound to go wrong. In reality, it’s not true, but it’s true for you if that’s what you believe. Research shows that what you expect is what you get (your brain has a way of zeroing in—via its attention centers in the prefrontal cortex—on what you expect to see or experience). Meanwhile, plenty of people are living happy, fulfilled lives every day; some of them beyond age 100. How can you be one of them? If you’re always expecting the worst, you can begin overriding that programming in your brain by visualizing the best outcome in your mind, feeling it and expecting it. The more you do this the more of a shift you should experience.

Bottom line: BE the person you strive to be. And your life will follow you there


Which of the 10 Steps will you implement to start boosting your Confidence and opening the flow to more Money?

I really want to know.  let me know in the comments section below.


About Shameca Tankerson

I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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