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3 Reasons To Play Bigger In Your Business By Using Your Strengths

I’ve been busy working on a program to help you understand how to become wealthdynamics famousbetter money makers in your business based on your strengths.

Too often, we try to build our businesses using our weaknesses which then breeds resentment, anger, worry, doubt, frustration and shame. All this drama keeps us stuck and operating at a level that’s beneath us.

That’s why it’s so important to align with the gifts that God has given to you. This includes how you make money.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s so important to focus your energy on making money using your God Inspired gifts, talents, and  natural strengths.

1. We start making more money

When we start to appreciate what we’re good at and stop focusing on what we’re terrible at, money looks different. We begin to see money as what it is – just paper – and can better embrace our role as money creators.

2. We are more confident 

Making money in business  involves marketing, sales, accounting, fulfillment, customer service, and technology. That’s a lot to do. When we focus on the area we’re good, we are freed up to hire the right people and implement the right processes to help us in the areas we’re weak.

You don’t ignore your weaknesses – you just boldly choose to stop trying to fix it and use your energy on the parts of your business  you’re really good at.

3. We find our F.L.O.W. Factor™

Discovering, monetizing, and leveraging  the worth of your gifts will give you the confidence of  Knowing that you can excel as a business owner,  releasing the chains holding you back and turning your disappointments and mistakes, into tangible wealth.

You begin to see that there’s nothing wrong with you – you simply need to adapt your business model to mirror your natural strengths.


Grab a pen and paper.  Now, Think back over your entire life. Write down what you have consistently been great at, as well as past skills you were recognized
for and what you did really well as a child – – especially the things
that were considered odd, unusual or that you were scolded for.

Here are some questions to get your started….

1.  What did you love to do as a kid

2.  What did you do well growing up that seemed unusual or unique?

3.  What comes so easily to you, just like breathing?

4.  What are you doing when others tell you it is a pleasure to watch you working?






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Shameca Tankerson is Founder of Stiletto Wealth Society, a global community of women Dedicated to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs To Boldly Step Into Their God Inspired Purpose, Courageously Expand Their Wealth, and Discover & Leverage Their Intrinsic Worth in a way that Leaves an Undeniable Imprint on the Earth.

She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and deeply (secretly) scared of showing up as the POWERFULDYNAMICCONFIDENT women they are.



Use Your God Inspired Gifts To Unleash Financial F.L.O.W

Here’s the simple truth – God has assigned a portion of His abundance to you. You can tap into God’s sufficiency by using your natural strengths – and not your weaknesses – to increase your income, impact, and influence.

But you can’t do so with the same thinking that created the money drama you’re in today. So, how do you make a significant shift in what you do, how you think and what you say so you can Unleash Financial F.L.O.W. in your life and business?

The fastest way for you to find your F.L.O.W.  as an entrepreneur is to focus on your strengths.

Successful entrepreneurs focus only where they are strong and unsuccessful entrepreneurs try and do it all themselves.

Stop ‘Trying’ so hard…

“If you are doing anything that feels like hard work, you are already doing the wrong thing”

Creating an amazing business isn’t about fighting yourself and trying to suppress your natural behavior. If that were true, the wealthiest people on the planet would have quit when they first became millionaires rather than still playing the game their whole life.

The real trick is to maximize your natural strengths, talents, and gifts. That way you will always have the energy and the drive to stick through the challenges (and EVERY business building strategy throws up challenges that are designed to weed out the people who are just chasing the money).

Take Action….


STEP 1 – Find Your Gift…  Discover your true worth and God inspired purpose, the mess in your message, your unique brilliance, & ideal client ( your Flow Factor™) and brand it.

STEP 2 –  Let Go … Eliminate the Beliefs, Obstacles, Lies,  and Doubts  that are placing limits on your income, release emotional baggage around past mistakes & decisions,  and break free of behaviors and habits that sabotage financial success.

STEP 3 –  Own It … Get Bold!  Position yourself as the authority and the only obvious solution to your client’s problem. Engage in activities that Increase your confidence and eliminate the fear that’s holding you back so you can benefit from your Flow Factor™,  cash in on your confidence and shift the way you grow your business.

STEP 4 –  Work It ….  Leverage your Flow Factor™. Transform you God inspired gifts, talents, and strengths into Powerful new ways to package, price,  and position your services so you can make more money with less effort.






Would you like to reprint this article? 

All we ask is that you use this byline:

Shameca Tankerson is Founder of Stiletto Wealth Society, a global community Dedicated to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs To  Get Bold and use Breakthrough Business Strategies to Uncover their Flow Factor™, Gain Confidence they can Cash In,  and leverage it to Build an Amazing Life and Business.

She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and are deeply and secretly scared of showing up as POWERFULDYNAMIC,  and CONFIDENT to courageously own “who they be” and leverage it!

3 Essentials for Managing Your Money

If budgeting and preparing expense sheets sound like tasks only an accountant would do, think again. Keeping track of your personal finances – even if you have an accountant – is important to your financial future.

It not only gives you a keen awareness of your money situation, but also increases your chances of making smart spending and investment decisions.

Following these crucial tips will help you create a secure financial future for you and your family.


Spend Less Than You Earn

DUH…RIGHT? Although this tip sounds straightforward, you may sometimes find it daunting to actually put it into practice. However, reevaluating where you’re spending money can really help you to live within your means. and help you live within your means.

Ÿ This is one of the first places we start with members of Stiletto Wealth Societies Money Talk Group.  I help members find their necessity number.  This important first step will help you determine the current state of your personal finances.


Make Your Money Work For You

This can be as simple as taking advantage of the compound interest offered by most savings accounts.

Making sound investments can help increase your annual income over 5%. You don’t need to invest aggressively to get this kind of return, either. Ask friends and family for referrals to trustworthy brokers to help you get started.


Protect Your Money

You MUST  have a plan to protect your assets in case something unforeseen happens. There’s nothing worse than working hard for your money and then losing it due to poor planning.

Ÿ  Beware of any instant growth opportunities or investment clubs that promise overnight fortunes. These may include seminars with “self-made millionaires” that pressure you into signing up with a program that might not be a legitimate source of income. Take the time to research investment opportunities before you commit your money to them.


Knowing how to manage your money is a fundamental aspect of any successful long-term personal Financial Strategy.



1.  Make a commitment to go on a healthy financial journey

2. Grab a Pen and your calendar.  

2. Make a money date with yourself  right now.  

3.  Use last month’s bank statements and  bills to determine your necessity number.


If you take just a small amount of time to analyze your spending habits, you may surprise yourself with how much money you can save! You can then invest these savings in a way that will help you see returns year after year.





Stiletto Wealth Money Talk Meets Every 4th Thursday in the Evening!

Money Talk Affirmation: I Believe It Can Be Done

Before any goal I declare can be accomplished, i must first believe that it can be done.  With this understanding, I set my mind in motion to find a way, better yet, I set my mind in motion to make a way to do it.  Whatever my mind truly believes, my mind will help me achieve and therefore  create my reality.  Believing something can be done, paves the way for my creative imagination and focused determination to bring it to fruition.


Declare Today:

I believe it can be done.


As you reflect on this  money talk affirmation, answer the following questions: 


  1. What is your top goal at this point in your life?
  2. Have you made sure the goal is specific and realistic?  Do you believe it can be done?
  3. What can you do today to make progress toward getting it done?


If you FEEL STUCK and want one-on-one guidance to make progress and FINALLY MOVE FORWARD… don’t delay, 


REPLY to THIS post for a Strategy Session 


JOIN US for Money Talk This Month:

Click this link and complete the form to RSVP as My Guest!

I regularly work with women (and a few good men) to help them turn their financial aspirations into reality. My goal is to help you utilize practical tools to enhance both business and personal financial wealth.  During my strategy session you’ll be able to ask me anything you want about your finances, idea or business,  so that we can move your life and legacy forward.

Managing Your Money When You’re Broke

Hey Money Maven!

Budgeting money is rarely easy, but it’s especially difficult when you don’t have enough of it to even pay all of your bills. It’s important to change how you spend your money when you’re so short on funds.

Follow these steps for effective money management when you’re seriously broke:

  1. Be proactive. Don’t wait until the collection agencies start calling. They are relentless and aren’t known for being understanding. They only get paid when you pay them, so you can see where their priorities lie.
  2. Prioritize. Life is all about priorities. Look at how much money you have available and then prioritize your bills accordingly. Typically, your mortgage, basic utilities, insurance and food will come first. Credit cards are usually last on the list.
  3. Cut back on your savings plan. This might be the one time to stop saving part of your paycheck. The expense and ramifications of not paying your bills might be too great to cut yourself even shorter to make your savings payment.
  4. Avoid relying on credit. When cash is short, it’s a common practice to start using credit cards to replace a paycheck. The cost of this money can be incredibly high, and this debt is difficult to eliminate later on. Don’t fall into the trap of viewing credit as a viable solution.
  5. Create more income. If you don’t have a job, take anything you can get for the time being. If you do have a job, consider adding a second job or getting some overtime. If you have stuff lying around the house that you don’t need, it might be wise to sell it.
  6. Make a new budget. This might be the last thing you’re in the mood to do, but either your financial circumstances have changed or your current budget isn’t working. Both reasons suggest that a new budget is required. Take a look at your income and bills and make some smart choices. Remember that it’s all about prioritizing intelligently.


In stressful times like these, it’s easy to succumb to your anxiety and not take action, but understand that this course of action will only make your challenges greater in the future.

Take a deep breath and do everything you can to get yourself back on track financially. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish when you really focus your intention and energy on solutions.

Prioritize your bills, increase your income, and make a new budget. Things will be better before you know it.


Stiletto Wealth Money Talk Meets Every 4th Thursday in the Evening!


Get Naked and Prosper

Hello Beautiful

Here I go again… I know what you’re thinking.  “What’s the deal with this chick + sex +  money.”

When it comes to discussing intimate affairs in our society, money might even be more taboo than sex.

News flash Love…

People whisper quietly about money + sex because they are closely related…

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, concluded that a very important aspect in the process of gaining wealth was tied to sex. He said that “The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability.” This “seat of power” and the ability to create is uniquely tied to the essence of wealth.

My Take On It

Money remains a charged topic because, for many people, because it’s a proxy for self-worth + self-esteem.

The Power Is In This Truth

Get Naked!

Peel off all of those exterior layers and get down to the core of who you are!  If this involves literally getting naked in front of a mirror, then go for it!  I WON’T JUDGE!

Accelerate Your Wealth Potential

Activate the Divine Feminine Essence of Wealth™

Authority + Sensuality + Harmony


Get to the core of who God created you to be.

Get Real Comfortable in Your own skin so you can welcome the flow of wealth +  prosperity into your inner circle.

Love …  ARE YOU LISTENING……  You Deserve To Make Good Money.  Infinite Wealth is your divine Birthright!

Take Action

Activate you Wealth Potential  + Make Some Deposits In Your Self Worth Bank Account: Do something every day to nurture your power of creation + self care +  intuition.

Here are some tips:

1: trash your to do list TODAY +  replace it  with 3 actions directly tied to your prosperity (money making actions)  and accomplish those three TODAY

2:  take time for you TODAY + do something you really enjoy that makes you feel taken care of… bubble bath, get a massage, oil + nourish your skin + body

3: Listen to Your Soul TODAY + take time to quiet your mind +  journal your thoughts.  You will find that you are a source of valuable infinite wisdom and an expert on how to handle any situation in your life.

Do this everyday for a week and watch what shows up in your life!  I’d love to hear about it….

Love, Hugs, and Blessings

5 Money Mindset Shifts to Open Cash Flow

Every headline, news report, and magazine cover seems to scream the same thing at us day after day: “The Economy Is Doomed!” So it’s an especially important time to watch your own beliefs, and make sure you don’t fall into a “scarcity” mentality. Believe it or not, there are many people out there making good money, and in fact, making more money in the last four years than they had ever previously!

Why shouldn’t this include you? What are the “messages” you’re telling yourself? Are your thoughts consistently filled with abundance, creativity, and possibility? Or are they more often “running a number” on you about lack, failure, and pessimism – even unconsciously? Your mind is a very powerful tool of creation.

Your thought patterns really do create the way that you experience the world around you and the things that you focus your attention on will be attracted to you. So, you must become aware of what your money mindset beliefs are  (or your money B.S. as I like to call them) and whether they are helping or hindering your success.

Here are 5 money mindset shifts that will support you and your business:

Money Is Really Simply an “Exchange of Energy”:

With everything that you do, and everything you receive, there is an exchange of energy. This is true also in your business; with every client communication, every consultation, every tele-class, and every written article, you are giving out energy, and it is being received by the other person. Money can be looked at as a representation of this energy. People pay you in the form of money (energy), so that they can receive your gifts. And then you pay others with money (energy) for their products or services. It’s really just one big exchange of energy – the money “itself” is just rectangular, green paper (at least in the US). The Shift: It’s really about what it represents, right?

Money Is a Sign That You Are Impacting The World:

Too often, coaches, consultants, and others in “helping” professions have negative associations with making a lot of money. Oh, they want a reasonable amount – but when asked to dream big, many say that wanting an excess of money feels greedy and uncouth. But think about this – you’re paid for your gifts and talents, and the impact that those have on your clients. So this money represents the tremendous effect you are having on the world. The Shift: More money is a sign of your greater impact, plain and simple.

You Must Actively Pay Attention To Your Money:

Respect and gratitude for money is extremely important. It’s like a relationship: Would you stick around for someone who didn’t pay any attention to you. It’s mandatory that you know exactly what you have, and that you’re making mindful decisions about what to use it for (remember the “exchange of energy” concept). It’s also helpful to get honest about your money situation with a small group of trusted friends or mastermind members who can “hold you as powerful” and support your intentions to bring in more income. This level of intimacy actually banishes any shame you may have about your money situation. And lastly, take a moment for gratitude with every check you write to pay bills or purchase you make – that you have the money to do so! The Shift: You get what you focus on and what you focus and pay attention to grows and becomes a bigger part of your life.

Stop Trying to Control the “How” of Money:

When you feel in your “gut” that you’re on the right track – when you’re coming from a place of inspiration – always take the next indicated action. Don’t talk yourself out of it with limiting beliefs such as “I don’t know how” or “what if it doesn’t work?” The moment you say YES and commit, trust me, the means will show up. The “how” of it all will present itself, one action at a time. You don’t have to know it all before you start moving forward. Money may flow in beyond your wildest expectations, and from a variety of sources you never could have predicted. Better to let go of controlling how it’s all going to work – God usually has something greater in mind than we can even imagine.

Money Needs To Flow:

“Money is like water, it needs to flow. When it doesn’t, it damns up, stagnates and goes septic. Fear, doubt and anxiety will stagnate the flow of money.” ~ Kendall Summerhawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach

If you want your clients to spend their money with you, YOU need to be a model for spending your money with others. Period. Now, I’m not suggesting going into debt. But what I AM recommending is you continue to invest wisely in your business. On an energetic level there is no way you’ll get prospective clients to invest with you if you’re not walking your talk. The trick is to invest in products and services that add VALUE to your life or business. Once you practice this for yourself, you’ll understand first hand what it feels like so you can authentically guide your prospective clients to do the same. The Shift: Holding on to money will not keep you from losing it but it will keep you broke!  Keep money circulating, spend and receive, spend and receive!

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Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit:

3 Simple Ways To Fatten Your Bank Account

MONEY.  Sometimes it might as well be a four letter word.  Have you ever felt if you ignore the topic it will go away? Did That increase your income?  I Here it all the time…Shameca ” how do you do day to day management and monthly management of money in your business”  and that statements if oftern followed by I’m not a financial persona like you.  Shhhh…I’ll let you in on a secret.  I’m not a financial person either.  I had spreadsheets and all that jazz.  And thats why i’ve created simple system that make the money part of business easier.   Let me share a secret with you about money, It loves attention!  I have three ways that will make tracking your money simple and doable.

So, how does a business owner manage money?

Why should you even pay attention to your money? Well, one of the attributes of money that I teach is “Money Loves Attention”.  Just like most relationships, the more love and attention you give money the more of it you will make.  This is true for everyone.  From the person who avoids looking at your bank accounts and bills = a classic avoider.  No worries – you’re not alone,  I used to reside in that camp.

To the person who feels as though you don’t need any money to do what you love – you’re a classic martyr.  Or maybe you just spend every dollar that comes into the door – you’re a spender.  Or finally, you might hoard your money so close to you that you deny yourself pleasure and you aren’t growing – you’re a saver.  No matter where you fall – tracking how much money is going in and out – is going to help you create a better relationship with money.  And that will translate to more green stuff in your bank account and more massages and tasty restaurant meals (whoo hoo – I’m in!)   Here are three ways to start receiving more money today:

ATTENTION: These three tracking mechanisms are not for your accountant.  They are more for you to keep an eye on your money.  What you do for your accountant may or may not be different.

1.  Daily: Track Cash Flow: Create a Cash Flow Tracking Sheet:  Here’s a simple system.  Take out a piece of paper….YEAH  I said a sheet of paper.  Number it from 1-31 on the left – these numbers stand for the days of the month.  On the top, write an inspirational quote for yourself.  For example: “I am a money attracting genius and people eagerly pay me for the transformation I provide.”  Also write down how much money you would like to attract over the next 30-60 days.

For example:  60 Day Goal: May 15th – $8,500.  Now next to each of those numbers you will write down all the money that comes to you from ALL the sources in your life.  It doesn’t matter whether it is business-oriented or not -all means all.  If you find a $20 bill on the street, write it down.  If your grandmother sends you a card with a check, write it down. For those of you that use a shopping-cart, Paypal or merchant account, write down the number that comes in from the day’s total.   Every time you write your daily number down – celebrate, cheer, have a praise party.  Show gratitude.  Create and inviting atmosphere for the flow even more towards you.  Remember, “money loves attention” .

OKAY.  So I know some of you are thinking, “Shameca, I don’t make money every day.  My sheet is going to be totally blank.”  I want to encourage you that this process is almost magical.  By month 5, you’ll be attracting more money than you ever did before.  Why? Because you’ll be giving it attention of course.  And we all know we get what we focus on.  But don’t be misguided. You can’t just sit in your home and wish for the money.  What you’ll find is that you start to get creative about how to attract money here, there and everywhere, namely bec ause there is a part of you that wants to fill your sheet. It’s not that different from the gold star tracking system that our elementary school teachers used.  I mean who doesn’t want more gold stars?

2.  Monthly or Weekly: Track Expenses: Ok, this one isn’t as much fun, but it is necessary.  As a business owner, you also have to be aware of what is going out.  The way that I do this is in excel.  I set up a spreadsheet that has all the categories of my expenses for both business and personal in the first column.  The second column is titled personal and the third column is titled business.  Then I save every receipt everywhere I go – business or personal.  At the end of each week or each month, enter the receipts into the business or personal column.    If you don’t like the data entry of receipts there’s a cool tool called neat receipts that will input it all for you.  That way you can get a sense of your spending for the month in various areas.  You can also hire a bookkeeper to do thi s for you either in Excel, Quicken or Quickbooks.  You can also learn to do it yourself in the software.  It’s up to you.

3. Quarterly:  Evaluate Cash Flow- Income and Expenses and Evaluate Your Money Making Strategy: First, evaluate your expenses: Have you ever looked at your credit card bill and noticed that you are being charged for a club that you totally forgot that you joined?  Or that you haven’t used a software you purchased in three months even though you’ve been paying dues?  It’s good to evaluate your expenses each month and make sure that you are still paying for what is important to you.  You should also do a check on how much you’ve been paying for certain categories.  I noticed once that my restaurant bill had more than doubled and it came with 10 extra pounds!  You can bet I did some more home-cooking after that! It’s not uncommon for me to help my client’s  find $25,000-$50,000 a year in fees and expenses that could have been eliminated.  What could you do with an extra $25,000 – $35,000.

Second evaluate your Money Making Strategy:  What launches worked well?  Which ones brought you less money then you had liked?  For example, I often see practitioners offering retreats where they either break even or make very little money on each client.  When they work with me we figure out a service that takes less time and brings in a higher return on the investment.  Decide what could you do differently over the next 3 months? Then change your Cash Flow Strategy accordingly so that you are doing activities that bring in the most amount of money and give you the greatest amount of pleasure.

In terms of making room for money and increasing cash flow, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but these activities alone can double your Cash Flow if you do them consistently.  Good luck with it all and do let me know how it works for you.  And feel free to tell me how you manage your money in the comments on my Facebook Page.  I’m always open for new ideas

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Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit:

3 Hints, Clues, & Tell Tale Signs It’s Time To Raise Your Fees

When it comes to fees and charging, most women feel a lot of conflict. We care.  we’re women… it’s a double-whammy of cultural conditioning that says “give it all away.”

The thing is, this leads to women chronically undercharging and waiting far too long to charge what their work is really worth. It may feel giving and generous, but as the saying goes, you can’t give from an empty cup. Ultimately, undercharging leaves you depleted and defeats your purpose of making a big impact in the world.

Here are 3 “dead giveaways” (and one bonus!) that both you and your clients will be better served by giving yourself a raise:

Hint #1: You’re exhausted instead of exhilarated.

In the beginning of my journey, I would spend hours and hours and hours and hours (did I mention hours?) on projects that paid very little. I’d package together credit repair, debt repayment plans, building business credit and helping my clients fund their business all in a done for you package.Sure, the money was nice when it was coming in, but 40+ hours on the project later or 9 months later … let’s just say it was hard to stay motivated. And I love helping people get to the next level in their businesses.

Doing what you love should inspire, well, love. And gratitude. If you’re not feeling the love, that’s a big clue that you’re falling far short of receiving money in alignment with the energy you’re giving – and you simply can’t sustain that for the long haul.

Clue #2: You feel resentful towards your clients.

Ironically, women who undercharge often find themselves attracting needy and demanding clients. But even the best of clients can become a drain when you’re not charging enough. (Or not charging enough and over delivering!) If you’re feeling resentful and feeling guilty… it’s time for a shift.

Tell-Tale Sign #3: You’re working constantly and still just getting by.

You can always create more money, but you can never create more time. So when you’re signing on clients and charging too little, what happens? You get burned out… quickly.

One of my past Diamond clients was in a situation where she had two choices: continue to serve the last few clients in the “old way” of working (dollars for hours), or release them with love if they weren’t ready to step into her new high-end packages. The decision was really weighing on her because they were awesome clients who she deeply cared about. (There was a lot of history there, too – all of them had been with her for years.)

With a little coaching, she had a huge breakthrough: saying yes to those old clients would have meant saying no to herself – her own needs, self-care, time with her family, and her dreams of a much bigger business. (And the opportunity to give those clients something bigger to step into, as well.)

And here’s one more hint, clue, & tell-tale sign you’re charging too little…

When clients consistently buck and complain about your already-low fees, chances are it’s time to raise them. Counter-intuitive, I know, but experience has shown this again and again. (Definitely in the early part of my journey, increasing the price of a struggling offer would often increase conversion.)

“But Shameca,” you may be saying, “My fees are already way too low and people are complaining. How can I raise them when I can’t even get them to say yes now?” (I hear this all the time!)

The way to authentically increasing your fees is this…

To increase your fees and feel great about it, you must stay connected to the value of the transformation your clients get. What really gets to happen for them as a result of your work? How can their lives change when they step up and you step up… together?

Often this means letting go of the clients who aren’t a fit for the value you provide, and turning your attention to those who are. Remember, Like attracts Like. When you own your value first, you’ll naturally attract clients who value you… and themselves as well.

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Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit:

3 Essential Steps To Creating A Cash Flow Breakthrough

MONEY is probably one of the most emotionally charged words on the planet, yet it is vital to understand and harness in order to live a full and purposeful life.  As women business owners, we need money to invest in the things that will help us grow our lives, ourselves and our businesses to the next level.  But here’s the problem: What do you do when you’re not making enough of it? What do you do when you make a decent income but still feel like there is never enough of it?  What actions do you take to make more of it? How do you create an cash flow breakthrough?

There are 3 things that you must do.  These 3 things are simple, but they aren’t always easy.  Getting into the flow with money and developing a healthy relationship with money is a journey.  What I can promise you is this, The liberated person you will become on the journey to creating your breakthrough will far outweigh any sacrifices or changes you need to make in the process.

Here are the 3 essential steps to create an cash flow breakthrough:

1) Make A Heart-Based Decision: There is a reason why this needs to be a decision that YOU make from a heartfelt place. The reason is this:  If you don’t make your decision from the heart, you won’t be committed enough to following through on making it happen.  For example, if you simply make a decision to “Make $10,000 in the next 30 days”, that may not give you enough juice to do it.  But if you make a decision to “Make $10,000 in the next 30 days” because you want to have enough money to take your kids on vacation next month, that is from the heart. You need to know the heartfelt reason(the why) behind why you want the money.  Doing this will ensure your decision is  in alignment with who you are and what you really want.

2) Shift Your Thoughts: You may have heard it said that you can’t bring more money into your life with an old mindset (and this is so true). Likewise you may have heard that your current thoughts, feelings, attitudes, decisions and actions are what dictates your current results (and this is true too) but I’d like to take this one step further (let’s go deeper).  The real reason why you are where you are and that you’re not making the income and don’t have the cash flow you want is because of how you see yourself.

In order to make more money in your business you have to change your perception of your own identity. You have to LET GO of the attitudes and emotions that have been locking you in to your old identity and you need to create a new identity.  See the treasure that you are.  Unlock the unique priceless God given value and gift that you are to the world.  This is the main thing I’ve done over and over again to create cash flow breakthroughs and it is what you MUST do too. You must see yourself differently. You have to see yourself as the wealthy visionary leader and successful business owner on the inside before you can ever be a successful business owner on the outside.

There is no way you can get around this. And when you change and shift your thoughts in this area your EXPECTATIONS of yourself will change. You will no longer allow yourself to do, say, feel, think and act the way you did before because you won’t see yourself as that person anymore. This must happen for the cash flow breakthrough to occur.

“A mind Expanded can never return to it’s original state” ~Albert Einstein ~

3) Take Strategic, Courageous, Audacious Action: Strategic and courageous are two very important words here.  You can‘t create an cash flow breakthrough if you’re not following the right income-boosting business strategies to create the breakthrough. It also takes a lot of courage to change, commit and take action on making these new cash flow-boosting business strategies a reality. If you combine strategy, courage, and the audacity to boldly step into the incredible gift that you are , you’ll have the winning combination to finally have your cash flow breakthrough.

Your Assignment

My mentor’s request to you is that you take some time this week to really dip into your heart to see if you’ve really made a heart-based decision to get what you really want, if you’ve shifted your thoughts about your identity and how you see yourself, and if you’ve take strategic and courageous action towards your business and income goals. If you haven’t, now is the time to follow these 3 essential steps and make your income breakthrough a reality.  Remember, what I’m asking you to do in these 3 essential steps is simple but it isn’t easy.

It’s time to put on your “Big Girl” shoes and play a bigger game! 

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