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Are These 3 Mistakes Sabotaging Your Sales?

New ImageOne of the most frequent questions I hear is this:

“I’m very good at what I do… so why aren’t people hiring me?”

Is this happening with you?

If so, I am going to share with you three of the biggest mistakes people make when they are having an enrollment conversation with potential clients.
(By the way, “enrollment conversation” is another way of saying “initial consultation” or “discovery session”)


MISTAKE #1 – Promoting your services before your potential
client gets clear on what they REALLY want.
The consultation is about your potential clients and their
desires, not about you. So you want to be sure to use a huge
part of your consultation to ask questions to understand
your potential client’s needs before you offer solutions.

When you understand their deepest desires, wants and needs – and
by that I mean what’s keeping them up at night – then you’ll be in a
great place to offer your services as a solution.

[IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: If you aren’t establishing the “Gap”,
you’re going to have a hard time getting hired! The “Gap” is
the frustration that potential clients feel about the difference
between where they are now and where they want to go with
their life, business, health, web site, etc.

I’ll explain my powerful formula to Close The Gap in my upcoming
free Training Call. Don’t miss it, go here to get access to it.]

MISTAKE #2 – Trying to solve the potential client’s problem
during your initial consultation.
The consultation is not the time to help your potential
client solve a micro-problem they are currently having.
It’s an opportunity for them to see much greater
opportunities for themselves or for their
business/organization and to establish you as someone who
can help them close the gap between where they want to go
and where they are now.

Here’s why this is a mistake. Often when you give them
1/20th of a solution to their problem, they think they’ve
already received the solution from you and go off to
implement it on their own – without hiring you.

This is not the best way you can be of service to them,
since their problem is only partially solved. And it will
certainly not land you the client.

And this isn’t just an issue for coaches – it’s often true
whether you are a web designer, business consultant, health
and wellness practitioner, professional organizer, etc.

MISTAKE #3 – Not using a consistent system for your
enrollment conversation.
When you’re having a conversation with a potential client
about working together, is it something you do
spontaneously, without a script or agenda? Does it feel kind
of random, and you’re uncertain if your conversation is
going to work? You may even feel like the conversation with
your potential client is going well, but then they don’t
hire you. And you don’t know why.

If this is the case, I have to ask you, do you have a
“system” that you are using in every enrollment

I am not systematic by nature. In fact, I thrive
with spontaneity, intuition, and flow.

But  I can’t deny that when I developed a
system for enrolling clients during a one-on-one
consultation, used it every time, continually made it better
– the results spoke for themselves. My results jumped to a
a place where more than 80% of my potential clients are hiring me.

So that’s it – three of the biggest mistakes I see
business owners make during sales conversations. I hope that by
highlighting them, you’ll be able to have a breakthrough in
your ability inspire potential clients to hire you (and as a result
get what they want)!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings,

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