3 Things You Must Include In Your Story To Get More Paying Clients

I love a good story.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say everyone loves a good story Right!  We love to here stories of the hero and the heroin, triumph and perseverance. Most of all people love to hear stories that they can relate to… Stories that  give them hope that their struggles will be over soon.



People like to buy from those they like, know, trust, and believe can solve their problem. As an entrepreneur you no doubt have a powerful story to tell and one foolproof way to get people to know,

like, trust, and believe you can solve their problem, is to tell them your story.


You want people to understand that you know what they are going through because you’ve been there, done that, and have the T-shirt to prove it! When client feel like you “get it” and “get them”, you will get their business.


People like to know that an everyday ordinary person just like them figured out the “magic little secret” that will lead to the biggest breakthrough they’ve ever experienced in their lives.


I’m glad you asked!

You use your “Why Story”.  When its all said and done, the goal is to get “me, too’s” from your prospects.  And most of all you want them to say, “if she’s just like me and she used to struggle with what I struggle with no and she turned it around, then I know she can help me turn my situation around too!”


Craft your why story with these 3 components:

1.  Your Robert Frost Moment –  In his poem, The Road Less Traveled, Frost discusses a crossroads.  At some point in our lives, most of us have found ourselves at a similar crossroads. Usually the choice we make at this crossroad becomes a defining moment in our lives and businesses.

  • What is that moment for you?
  • How did you recognize it?
  • How did you decide which way to go?
  • What happened that made you take the first step toward change?
  • How does that moment apply or relate to those you are sharing it with today?

2.  Your Sam Cooke Moment – Same Cooke sings that classic song, Change Gone Come.  Its all about recognizing the moment that you connected with the changes you’ve made in such a way that you took consistent inspired action in a new direction of the road less traveled.

  • What was it that created the need for change?
  • What compelled you to follow the steps it would take to complete the cycle of change?
  • How can you relate the work that you do now to that important change?
  • What where the steps you followed that produced the results that you enjoy today?
  • How will those steps help others?

3. Your Harriet Tubman Moment – When you arrived to the other side (solving your own problem), why did you decide to go back and help others? Once we get a taste of freedom, we desire to help others experience it as well. Your desire is the same as Harriet Tubman’s toward the slaves, to free as many people (your ideal clients) as possible.

  • When did that moment happen for you in your business
  • How did you know it was time to tell others?
  • Did you develop the steps you took into a unique solution system?
  • Did you test your theory and get some success stories?

When you include these 3 elements in your “Why Story” , you will produce an authentic and compelling reason why you are the expert you claim to be.  And when you couple that with an incredible follow up strategy you will add more ideal clients to your sales funnel and ultimately more clients to your business.






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She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and deeply (secretly) scared of showing up as the POWERFULDYNAMICCONFIDENT women they are to define their worth and leverage it.


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  1. Fantastic info! I see I need to go back and do some tweaking to a story. Thanks for sharing. I shared it on facebook already.

  2. Excellent info, easy to digest and apply – thank you.

  3. I just retweeted this. I love it. Thought provoking. I haven’t done this in my “About” page but I guess I need to. I have a powerful story but it is dark. That’s why I never mention it. I have come a long way since my turning point and it is the reason I write the one blog I have, http://www.ThePeaceAndHappinessProject.com, so that I can help others with realizations I’ve come to in order to turn my thoughts and life around.

    I think I will make my next post a re-vamp of my about page.

    Thank you,
    Missy Bell

    • That’s awesome Missy. When you’ve been through the fire in life, as you and I have, it’s hard to figure out what parts of your story to focus on. Think about your ideal clients and tell the pieces that are important to their journey.

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