Its Wake Up Wednesday!!!

Its Wake Up Wednesdays!!!!

wake up wednesdays

Wake Up Wednesday is a challenge to think outside yourself -to wake up and realize what’s going on around you.

It’s about being purposeful and intentional about impacting the world around you.

Last Weeks Challenge:

Last weeks challenge was to Change Someone’s Day.  Last week’s challenge was to change someone’s day.  I wrote an encouraging note to someone who impressed me and sent something with it.

Did anyone get to change someone’s day?  Let’s hear about it.  Thanks for being here.

This week’s challenge is to refrain from speaking negatively about others. 

Yeah, that’s a big one.  It’s so easy to analyze other people’s actions and make comments to others about them.  Sometimes it’s just a little thing, but my mom used to make us evaluate whether what we were saying was kind, necessary, and true.  Yikes.  That cuts out a lot of conversation 🙂
For me there’s a goal that’s even bigger than this that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  I have come to the conclusion that is it really important for us to believe in each other – not to criticize or analyze, but to believe.  Believing in others helps them rise to their potential.  I have witnessed some amazing changes in others when someone chose to believe in them.If you’d like to share how last week’s challenge went, share it in the comment section.  And thank you so much for visiting my blog.  You guys all really help, encourage, and uplift me.

Happy Wednesday!



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I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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  1. Wow so this is a strange coincidence. I just started following your blog this weekend from the UBC challenge. So I didn’t see this challenge. However on Thursday, when I went through McDonalds I left all my change which was over $10 to pay on the next car’s food until it was all gone. That was my change someone’s day event.

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