Confidence Is The New Currency!!!

Forget What You’ve Heard Confidence Is The New Currency.confidence

Don’t believe me?  Where do your eyes stop when you walk into a networking event scanning the room to determine who you should meet?

I’ll tell you…

They stop at the person who “owns the room:” who’s confidence is oozing out and catching your attention immediately. Confidence is no doubt the first thing we identify in a person or company.  Its also what gives us the courage to buy what it is they are selling.

Confidence is one of your most important attributes as an entrepreneur. It’s the key to getting noticed and creating relationships that advance your business and life.

Go ahead Ask me… Shameca, How do I become confident?

In my opinion, the first step is knowing we are all born with confidence. Not until life started happening to you did you become fearful of expressing all of you God inspired gifts and talents.  To course correct, you’ve just gotta find your way back to the confident version of yourself.

Just like prosperity and abundance, displaying confidence is your birthright. So, if you’ve lost your way, I have a few tips for you, and if they fit your personality…ROCK them, because you deserve to build a life and business that brings you joy!


Here are 6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Achieve Life and Business Success

  1. Focus on you natural strengths and use them daily.  Each of us has strengths; natural gifts, talents, and abilities; And we were born with them. You know… It’s those things that you do naturally or instinctively,  Its those deep-seated, intrinsic things that you do well and get praised for.  Yep, those are your strengths! Your goal, is to begin using them each and every day. Spend as much time as you possibly can doing what you excel at instead of spending time on those things that you do okay. This will position you as an expert AND build your confidence.
  2. Shift Your Mindset.  Its a known fact that you get what you focus on and you get what you expect. Expect that things are set up to work on your behalf.  When you begin to focus on what you expect instead of what you are experiencing, your confidence in those areas will soar.
  3. Keep The Things That Boost Your Confidence and Illustrate Your Value Close To You. My favorite way to do this is my “Self Worth Journal”.  It list what i’ve accomplished in my life.  It shares the story behind my confidence.  So, when i’m having a moment of self doubt or feeling like i’m not enough yet, (yes, it happens once in a while) i can reflect on all I have accomplished.
  4. Fill Your Self Worth Bank.  One of my favorite things to suggest that my students and clients to do is spend a few minutes when they wake in the morning and before going to bed.  Get in front of a mirror and tell yourself 3 things you love about you. This will boost and reinforce all that is amazing about you and position you to be ready to confidently take on the task and assignments that will get you closer to your objectives and goals.
  5. Build Your “Defy Impossible” List.  You know… those things that you thought were going to be so hard but turned out to be a piece of cake.  Write them down. For instance, one of mine was losing weight and getting healthier.  I thought I’d never weigh less than 200 lbs ever again in my adult life. It use to be impossible but with food,  strength and endurance training, I did it!   And  accomplishing that task boosted my confidence.  Woot! Woot!
  6. Get and Play Your Theme Song Before Meetings.  Now music is  one of my secret weapons.  What I love about music is it immediately shifts energy and positions us to take confident steps toward our goals.  So get a theme song and play it daily or as many times a day as you need to keep your confidence high!

So… Talk to me!  These are my tips but I want to here from you…

  • How do you keep your confidence high?
  • What do you do when you’re feeling unsure?
  • How do you position yourself to be your best at all time?






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Shameca Tankerson is Founder of Stiletto Wealth Society, a global community Dedicated to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs To  Get Bold and use Breakthrough Business Strategies to Uncover their Flow Factor™, Gain Confidence they can Cash In,  and leverage it to Build an Amazing Life and Business.

She is passionate about empowering women who find themselves playing small and are deeply and secretly scared of showing up as POWERFULDYNAMIC,  and CONFIDENT to courageously own “who they be” and leverage it!


About Shameca Tankerson

I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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  1. I remember once someone said to consider “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” and then “can you live with it?” If the answer was yes, the worst thing probably wasn’t so bad. Thanks for the post. Have a great night.

  2. I show my confidence with my smile. I smile frequently and people are drawn to it.

  3. I show my confidence through sharing my knowledge. I speak well and with clarity so that people are not confused after talking with me, but empowered.

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