$1000 A Day??? How Dare You!!! Really??

Hey Love,

FACT :: Prosperity favors the bold. But being bold can be completely terrifying.
AND :: The outcome can be undeniably, irresistibly sweet!
Let me Love on you and give you a quick word of encouragement::
A How Dare You??? Who Do YOU think you are?? Steppin’ Out In Your New Stilettos – Move of brilliance!
In a series of gorgeous swoops (some tiny and some gigantic) you can get rid of the smaller packages that aren’t making you much cash – and wasting your time + energy – put your creativity up on a pedestal, and raise your day rate to $1,000.

Yep. ONE. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. A DAY.      – That’s $1,000.00 per day!!

It may take some sweat and some tears.

(yes:: you my cry with relief, joy and umm, yes, fear.)

But you’ve got to get big-girl bold and raise those rates!  I did and now I’ve even got a waiting-list.

You can do that for your business, you know.

“Oh girl, how DARE she!”

How DARE I, indeed.

Because…I’m worth it? Eh. Sure. So are other (cheaper) folks.
Because…I’m booked 2 months in advance? Maybe. Getting closer.
Because…I’m offering a ferociously swift income acceleration service that no one else in the world can provide, in precisely the way that I swing it? Possibly. Better.
Because…having persuasive, memorable & inspiring programs, products, and services to monetize your life’s learning is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, in business acceleration & personal clarity? Uh-huh. Sooo close.
Because…when my clients invest $1,000 to spend a day with me, we both show up FULLY — and the result is a creative crystal clear glitter-bomb that’s bigger & more meaningful that either one of us could imagine?BINGO.

Now, I’m not suggesting that people inherently have to pay major bucks to revel in the positive side-effects of deep commitment.

But something fascinating happens when you charge “how DARE you!” rates for your time…

You raise the brilliance barometer — for yourself.
You RISE to your own self-declared pricetag.
You make Darn sure that you’re worth it — that you’re giving everything you’ve got, every time.
And your clients ELEVATE to meet you, there.

To put it down sharply…

How DARE you command breathtaking rates for your time?

For your book learnin’, street learnin’ & synthesized wisdom? For your DNA-inscribed gifts? For the opportunity to experience the summit of your capacity to serve, to inspire, to create, to transform — lives, businesses, communities, societies, the planet? For the skills that people are literally falling in line to get a dose of? For your LIFE’s WORK?

How DARE you…not.

Oh, yes you can. Choose it now.

Stick with me, sweetie. I’ll get you there.


About Shameca Tankerson

I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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