If Money Were Your Lover…Would You Still Be Having Sex?

Oh My!

Hey Love!

When I heard that question posed by Rikka Zimmerman,, I have to admit my first thought was “ooh now that’s juicy”! And then I got real uncomfortable as I realized, “Oh crap!” if you put it that way, Me and my money honey were sleeping in twin beds!

Truth be told, whenever my money situation needed some love and attention my response … “not tonight honey I have a headache!”

So how did that happen?  Where did we go wrong. Even more important, what could I do to bring the romance + the sizzle + the spice back?

Want to heal your relationship with money?

First My Sultry Stiletto Sister  you must identify everywhere you’ve made money bad + scarce +evil + wrong.

Uncover every judgment and subconscious motive you have for sending money away, because it’s the false and limiting beliefs that make it impossible to turn up the heat and turn your financial situation around, not you!

So let’s get in the sandbox and  Play!

Pretend your money is in the room, right next to you. What are some of the ways you think and feel about money that makes it not want to stick around and procreate with you?

Because honey that’s what money is… Your luscious partner in procreation.

Take for instance the thought that money is the root of all evil. If money were your lover do you think it would want to stay if you loathed its very existence? Right… Not for long!

Do you feel like money always lets you down? And your empty purse is one big fat reminder that money is “just not that into you!”

Do you feel that your money honey needs so much attention, that its “too high maintenance” and that you’d rather have less of it than deal with the demands of having it around?

Do you trust yourself around it?  fearing if you had it, you’d lose all self-respect and go completely wild out of control with it?

Do you feel like you don’t deserve it, or that money pays way more attention to everyone else but you?

Do you get jealous of others for having more money?

Do you feel like you’re a teen again with all the angst and relationship drama, but this time its with your money?

Here’s a Sexy Possibility!

When I began to stay open to possibility with no judgments or conclusions limiting my receiving and having money in my life.  When I became willing to pay attention to + respect + honor + bless my money I was blown away by how quickly money + other resources showed up in my world to support the life that I truly desired.

What if you didn’t judge yourself for your financial situation? What if you began to live into the question of “what else is possible?” + “what can I be, do, have, create, generate, choose or change today If me an my money were madly and passionately in love?”

Really?  I’d like to know?

Luv, Hugs, and Blessings


About Shameca Tankerson

I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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  1. Definitely something worth consideration.

    • Thanks for the comment. Here’s another exercise you can try….Think of a healthy relationship you have with somebody in your life that you admire respect and can’t get enough of. List 10 attributes of that person. Now replace that person’s name with the word “money”. Notice how this shifts your feelings toward money, and how much more connected you feel.

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