Top 10 Costly Business Credit Mistakes to Avoid

During our current unc

Top Secret Business Credit Mistakes

ertain economic times, banks, credit and financial support has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Even with governament bail outs of banks, most are not supporting you, the entreprenuer.  Although they have cleaned up their balance sheets, they have not loosened their criteria for you to secure a bank credit card, loan or line of credit.  However, THERE IS HOPE. That hope is in building strong business credit for your company. There are over 18 million small businesses in the United States and over 90% don’t know about “TRUE” business credit.

As I work with small business owners on a daily basis we use business credit as our secret weapon.  The business credit profile allows us to take any business and give it the extra life it needs to survive and prosper during economic uncertainty! So over the next several weeks I will blog about the top 10  costly business credit mistakes to avoid.

About Shameca Tankerson

I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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