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At The Workshop You’ll Learn:

  • 7 Steps to Funding Your Business Using Other People’s Money (OPM)
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Guest Blogger Ursula Mentjes: Why Didn’t I Get The Sale?

Throughout my years as a Sales Coach, one of the questions that my clients sometimes ask is, “Why didn’t I get the sale?”  I say, “sometimes” because no one really wants to talk about lost sales. We don’t even like to admit that we didn’t get the sale.  But I want to tell you that sometimes not getting the sale isn’t a bad thing. And, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of sales you don’t get.  The reality is you aren’t going to get every sale. Nor would you want to. It is important to remember, though, that selling begins in your mind.  When I wrote Selling with Intention, my primary goal was to teach Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs that they had a lot more control over selling then they thought.  And that was the key–more than they thought. Selling begins in your mind, and when you “get that” at a deep level, selling can become effortless.

Think back to the last time you didn’t get a sale. How did the interaction begin? How did it end?  My guess is that it was one of the reasons I am going to share with you below. After each reason, I am going to share a key strategy with you that you can implement next time to make sure you get it (as long as you want it)!

Ursula Mentjes, M.S., ACC

Usula Mentjes, M.S., ACC: Founder of Sales Coach Now

Four Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Sale:  
You didn’t ask.
Let’s face it. Sometimes you can have a phenomenal conversation with your prospect, and it feels like everything is going perfectly until the  end of your time together.  You can feel the time creeping up on you, the hour is almost over, but you haven’t asked for the sale yet.  Fear creeps up, strangling your vocal cords, and before you ask for the sale you find yourself scurrying out to your car, trying to get your key into the ignition as quickly as possible.  Looking back you know you could have had the sale, but you didn’t ask.  Strategy: Next time you are wrapping up a great appointment with a prospect, save time at the end to take a breath and then simply offer at two to three solutions for them to choose from. You will probably be surprised to find out that by simply offering choices, you WILL get more sales. Or, let them know that you will be writing a proposal, then set the next appointment when you will be delivering it. Always have the next step set before you leave!

You didn’t set your intention.
Not setting your intention is a lot like not asking for the sale.  If you aren’t expecting the sale, you probably aren’t going to get it.  Strategy: I always encourage my clients to set their intention ahead of time and actually visualize the sales process from start to finish.  Being intentional about selling is like “assuming the sale”-or expecting that you are going to get it.  Notice how you feel when you “expect” something to happen versus just “thinking” or “hoping” you are getting it.  I recommend that you expect the sale only when you are working with your Target Clients. Otherwise you will feel like you are just forcing the situation rather than letting it unfold.  Set your intention and expect to get the sale!

You didn’t really want it.
Deep down, at a gut level, you KNOW when a prospect who is sitting in front of you isn’t a Target Prospect.  A Target Prospect is a prospect that fits your ideal client profile and needs and or wants (or both) what you are selling. One of the main reasons you set an appointment with a prospect is for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you. During the process of assessing their wants and needs, you will figure out whether or not you really CAN solve their problem or help them with your products or services.  Strategy: Maybe the last time you didn’t get the sale was because you didn’t really want it.  You recognized that for whatever reason, this prospect wasn’t a good fit.  And that’s okay.  In fact, it’s better than okay because you did what was in the best interest of the prospect.  When you can’t help a client, refer them to someone who can.

You didn’t build rapport.
People buy from Sales Professionals they LIKE, KNOW and TRUST. It takes a different amount of time to build rapport depending on personality types. Laura Bruno, owner of Southern California’s Referral Institute, teaches a great class called Room Full of Referrals. This class teaches you the different personality types and how to sell to each one. One of the reasons you might not have gotten the sale is because you didn’t take the time to build rapport with your prospect. You can tell whether or not you have built rapport because they will either seem completely disconnected from what you are talking about, or they will be engaged. Strategy: Taking time to build rapport can often be the difference between gaining a new client, or shaking your head and walking away wondering what just happened.  Ask questions, have open body language, make eye contact and get to know your client and their challenges so you can determine whether or not you can help them.

Action Item: Think back to the last time you didn’t get the sale.  Which reason above most accurately describes it? What could you do differently next time? Can you think of a client that you think might have said yes if you had asked for the sale? Make a commitment to yourself to call that client and set another appointment.  And then ask for the sale!

Not getting the sale often makes room for the next “big client” that is trying to get to you.  The next time you don’t get a client, and you know it was because they weren’t a fit, just be grateful. I can almost guarantee you that the next one is right around the corner!

© Sales Coach Now
Ursula Mentjes, M.S., ACC is the founder of Sales Coach Now and the author of Selling with Intention and One Great Goal. Ms. Mentjes has helped clients double and triple their sales revenue in as short as two months! If you want to do the same, then visit her web-site at <>   and subscribe to her e-zine by clicking on the sign up box and typing in your email address.  You will receive a FREE downloadable MP3 recording, “7 Ways to Sell More in a Doom and Gloom Economy”.  Or, join her at Sales Coach Now—LIVE 2011 for the re-release of Selling with Intention through Morgan James publishing!  She will be sharing the stage with Loral Langemier, Craig Duswalt and other experts. <> . Ursula currently serves as the NAWBO-CA Vice President of Corporate Partners and Economic Development, is Past President NAWBO-IE and Past President of NAWBO-U (Inland Empire).

Shabby Business Image: What Does Coporate Image Have to Do With Getting Capital

Your company’s image is a huge part of it’s credibility.  There are actually creditors and vendors who will not finance your company if you don’t have a website or aren’t listed in the 411 directory.   Yep, that’s right! It is equally important your company complies with both local and federal laws and ordinances, thus supporting the integrity of your business entity. The truth is lenders are not required to share their lending criteria or compliance formulas used to determine which businesses they approve or deny.

Does this sound familiar:

You need to borrow capital for inventory, new space, upgraded equipment, a new phone system, internet marketing, expansion, or simply to have an emergency cash cushion.  You are confident in approaching a lender to request a business line of credit, after all,  your business is profitable and you have your business checking account with this lender. They are familiar with your business.  The process couldn’t get any easier, right? You can breath a sigh of relief.

Finally,  you receive a letter in the mail from the lender, “Dear ABC Company, we regret to inform  you that your request for credit has been denied.”  There is usually no understandable explaination in the letter other than your business did not meet their lending criteria.

80% of small businesses are forced to close their doors forever because they could’nt get the capital they so desperately needed. Don’t become another statistic put your business in the hands of a Business Cash Flow Strategist that is familiar with compliance requirements so you can get the funding needed to grow a successful business.

Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level, create consistent cash flow and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit:

Encourage Me Girl!

Author, inspirational Speaker Songbird, & Consultant

I am so excited to lauch this new category in my blog!  Being in business isn’t easy and being a woman in business…well, nuff said!  As we jump into the hustle  and grind of running our businesses we need and deserve daily encouragement.  On Days were your marketing rate of return didn’t turn out like you thought it would, You received a denial letter from the bank,  or you just can’t get with it.

So…Can we work together?

Are you looking for a place to be encouraged by other women? Are you willing to share your story and encourage others?  If we work together we can add a little sparkle to each others day and be empowered to help others. 

I will be video blogging a song  or words of encouragement everyday for 30 days Starting Feb 1st.  I hope you will also commit to sharing your stories of hope, triumph, and victory.  Just post in comments, insert #encouragemegirl into your tweets or if you’d like to be interviewed on my radio show send a request to Ask Shameca Tankerson.

Be Encouraged!

5 Compelling Reasons Your Company Needs a Business Finance Consultant to Obtain Capital

As the owner of a company the task of obtaining capital for your business can be quite intimidating.  The reason most businesses are unsuccessful because they don’t have the slightest clue where to begin in the funding process. This is why seeking expert assistance is so important.  Here are 5 compelling reasons your company needs a Cash Flow Strategist to obtain Capital.

1.  Out of the 7 million businesses who apply for funding each year, 5.6 million don’t qualify at banks.

2.  The Small Business Administration reports that 97% of business loan applications fail.

3.  80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years due to lack of capital

4.  Lenders are placing more emphasis on business credit scores. The business MUST have three separat business credit scores.

5.  Attempting to obtain business financing using personal credit can severely limit the amount of capital available to the business.

This is why many business owners turn to a Business Finance Consultant to help them create a funding plan, establish their business credit and navigate the business funding maze.

Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit:

What I Do When I Fail

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

~ Henry Ford

“There is no failure except in no longer trying. “

~ Elbert Hubbard

When I fail I get excited!  To me failure means I no longer have to keep doing something that won’t work.  It is an opportunity to move on to that wich will make me successful.  Over the years I have learned that many great people have failed their way to success!  Do I want to succeed… OH YES!
I will not, however, allow failure to become a stumbling block to my success!

Business Tools Worth The Money

After the savings and loan crisis of 2007, I was forced to look for more cost efficient was to manage and run my business.  I’d like to share my Top 3 CEO boostrapping secrets weapons.

In Business Bootstrapping means to start a business without external help/capital. Startups that bootstrap their business fund development of their company through internal cash flow and are cautious with their expenses.

Mail Chimp: This email marketing tool rivals anything like it on the market. Create e-zine capaigns and integrate with most social media and event programs.

ZOHO: CRM, Invoicing, sales tracking, collaboration, and more.  If you have virtual assistants this program is an awesome all in one system.

Green By PhoneNo monthly fees, check are verified by phone, Accpet checks electronically or over the phone and have the money deposited into the account in 24hrs.

The cost for each of these tools:   FREE

5 Books Every CEO Must Read

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Olson takes the concept of compounded interest to a whole new level.  His premis:  If you will just put a penny’s worth of effort each day towards your goals, over time you will achieve them. If you are to be a successful CEO,  make the Slight Edge philosophy a part of your daily attitude. Making a business work takes a lot of time and effort.  Your effort must be a little bit every day, and consistant.

Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard

Blanchards work focuses on organizaiton excellence presented in the form of “legendary customer service”What is a raving fan? The premis:  “If you really want to ‘own’ a customer, if you want a booming business, you have to go beyond satisfied customers and create Raving Fans.” A raving fan is an advocate of your products or services in the marketplace and an integral part of successful businesses.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Habits are a matter of choice. In this book Covey dives  into the depths of our attitudes (paradigms) and principles to help us identify “where we are coming from”. Once we can identify which of our paradigms are keeping us from interacting effectively with others, then and only then can we truly begin to work on changing them.

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Gerber’s book is all about why most small businesses don’t work.  To me it is the very summation of the definition of insanity seen in the business world everyday.  Don’t get caught in the rat trap and the lie of entreprenuership, thereby only creating a glorified job for your self.  Discover the Five core leadership skils as defined by Gerber:  Vision, Discrimination, Strategic Thinking, Commitment, and Inspirational Communication.  A definite must read for CEO’s

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is likely the book every most CEO’s have read as budding entreprenuers, or at least has been told it is a must read. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to just think about being rich and have it happen? Published in the 1930s, the personal issues Hill wrote about Like the thoughts and behaviors that hinder people’s success in acquiring riches are still relevant today.

Top 10 Costly Business Credit Mistakes to Avoid! (part 10)

Costly Mistake #10:  Rushing Your Business Credit Profile!

Two Words: RED FLAG

Dun and Bradstreet Partners with the federal government to provide information on small businesses in America.  One of the biggest components is fraud.  There are certain activities within a business credit profile that will cause a company to get on D&B’s Radar.  One activity is quickly beefing up a credit profile in a small time frame.

Remember organically a company builds good business credit in about 3 to 4 years, so, if  a start-up or young company initiates the companies profile and has 5 or 6 new vendors reporting every week, that activity will seem suspicious.  Once a company has been red flagged by D&B it is very difficult to obtain business credit.

Top 10 Costly Business Credit Mistakes to Avoid! (part 6)

Costly Mistake #6:  Thinking that a Strong Business Credit Score Has No Effect on Successful Business Negotiations

Many entreprenuers don’t realize that companies and agencies that want to do business with you (government contracts, joint ventures, or any kind of bidding, may check the Dun and Bradstreet Profile and Score of your company. This may be the deciding factor on whether they choose to do business, partner, or even recommend you.

The Real Importance of Your Dun and Bradstreet Profile!

Before the current economic crisis, 100 people could go into a bank to get a business loan and 90 would get approved (shameca’s statistical model). The point is if you were breathing five years ago and had a half decent business idea you could get capital.  If you were turned down for a straight forward business loan the bank employee would steer you into something else, a second on their house, a personal loan ect. 

Today there are more than 20 million small businesses in America.  Each Year more than 8 million seek funding and more than 5 million of the companies seeking funding DO NOT QUALIFY with banks.  Here me on this:  THERE IS MONEY TO LEND IN THIS ECONOMY!

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