From Indie GoGo to Indie Oh NO!

Today’s Ask The Expert Post is from Dr. Letitia Wright America’s Crowd Funding Strategist!  Be sure to Join us for at Stiletto Wealth Experience 2012 In November where Dr. Wright will be sharing her crowd funding know how on our financial resource panel.

There is nothing wrong with Indie GoGo and using it for crowd funding. But what happens when it all goes wrong? What happens when no matter what you do, you just don’t raise the money? This is really what this article is about. There have been plenty of successful people on Indie GoGo. If you follow a few rules, you will find success there too!

Understand what crowd funding is: Many people think crowd funding is just a bunch of people on social media handing you money. You just put the link on your social media and if 10% of the people click and give, you would be a millionaire! I am not sure how that rumor started but that is NOT how it works. Social media is a part of it, but only a part. You have to understand the strategy behind a successful campaign. You have to know what they did and be able to duplicate it. For example, if someone tells you they had a mailing list of 10,000 and they send each one three postcards. You have to look at your situation and figure out if you have the budget to do the same thing. If you have the budget, you must then find out what they had on each post card and how far apart were the mailings done. If you can’t duplicate that, then that strategy won’t help you as much as it did the other person.

Create a specific plan: For most people the plan is the basic 2 x 2 x 2. You know this plan. They have 2 websites to choose from- Indie Go Go or Kickstarter, They have 2 sets of people to share with- Their family and everyone else, They have 2 ways to get the word out- Emails and Social Media. That plan won’t work, as the millions of people who have tried it. Many people go into crowd funding without a budget, so the 2 x 2 x 2 plan is the only one they can afford. Your plan has to be more specific than that.  There are over 500 websites to choose from and the list grows daily. If you only know of those 2, you have not done your homework. If you are only going to do a few emails and social media then you are making it hard. Most people do not have a large enough list for that to work.

Be sure you can deliver on your gifts: After you raise the money you have to perform. Currently, this is not a huge problem. There are some people who have not performed but no real scandal has happened in the industry. You don’t want to be the first one either! This is your tribe, if you scam them, it’s about you and your brand that is damaged. Almost no one does this intentionally. Be sure you budget enough money to do what you say you are going to deliver. There are a lot of hidden costs to doing crowd funding.


Dr. Letitia Wright is America’s Crowd Funding Strategist and has created a video series for those who are about to start crowd funding. You can access these videos at

Get Naked and Prosper

Hello Beautiful

Here I go again… I know what you’re thinking.  “What’s the deal with this chick + sex +  money.”

When it comes to discussing intimate affairs in our society, money might even be more taboo than sex.

News flash Love…

People whisper quietly about money + sex because they are closely related…

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, concluded that a very important aspect in the process of gaining wealth was tied to sex. He said that “The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability.” This “seat of power” and the ability to create is uniquely tied to the essence of wealth.

My Take On It

Money remains a charged topic because, for many people, because it’s a proxy for self-worth + self-esteem.

The Power Is In This Truth

Get Naked!

Peel off all of those exterior layers and get down to the core of who you are!  If this involves literally getting naked in front of a mirror, then go for it!  I WON’T JUDGE!

Accelerate Your Wealth Potential

Activate the Divine Feminine Essence of Wealth™

Authority + Sensuality + Harmony


Get to the core of who God created you to be.

Get Real Comfortable in Your own skin so you can welcome the flow of wealth +  prosperity into your inner circle.

Love …  ARE YOU LISTENING……  You Deserve To Make Good Money.  Infinite Wealth is your divine Birthright!

Take Action

Activate you Wealth Potential  + Make Some Deposits In Your Self Worth Bank Account: Do something every day to nurture your power of creation + self care +  intuition.

Here are some tips:

1: trash your to do list TODAY +  replace it  with 3 actions directly tied to your prosperity (money making actions)  and accomplish those three TODAY

2:  take time for you TODAY + do something you really enjoy that makes you feel taken care of… bubble bath, get a massage, oil + nourish your skin + body

3: Listen to Your Soul TODAY + take time to quiet your mind +  journal your thoughts.  You will find that you are a source of valuable infinite wisdom and an expert on how to handle any situation in your life.

Do this everyday for a week and watch what shows up in your life!  I’d love to hear about it….

Love, Hugs, and Blessings

If Money Were Your Lover…Would You Still Be Having Sex?

Oh My!

Hey Love!

When I heard that question posed by Rikka Zimmerman,, I have to admit my first thought was “ooh now that’s juicy”! And then I got real uncomfortable as I realized, “Oh crap!” if you put it that way, Me and my money honey were sleeping in twin beds!

Truth be told, whenever my money situation needed some love and attention my response … “not tonight honey I have a headache!”

So how did that happen?  Where did we go wrong. Even more important, what could I do to bring the romance + the sizzle + the spice back?

Want to heal your relationship with money?

First My Sultry Stiletto Sister  you must identify everywhere you’ve made money bad + scarce +evil + wrong.

Uncover every judgment and subconscious motive you have for sending money away, because it’s the false and limiting beliefs that make it impossible to turn up the heat and turn your financial situation around, not you!

So let’s get in the sandbox and  Play!

Pretend your money is in the room, right next to you. What are some of the ways you think and feel about money that makes it not want to stick around and procreate with you?

Because honey that’s what money is… Your luscious partner in procreation.

Take for instance the thought that money is the root of all evil. If money were your lover do you think it would want to stay if you loathed its very existence? Right… Not for long!

Do you feel like money always lets you down? And your empty purse is one big fat reminder that money is “just not that into you!”

Do you feel that your money honey needs so much attention, that its “too high maintenance” and that you’d rather have less of it than deal with the demands of having it around?

Do you trust yourself around it?  fearing if you had it, you’d lose all self-respect and go completely wild out of control with it?

Do you feel like you don’t deserve it, or that money pays way more attention to everyone else but you?

Do you get jealous of others for having more money?

Do you feel like you’re a teen again with all the angst and relationship drama, but this time its with your money?

Here’s a Sexy Possibility!

When I began to stay open to possibility with no judgments or conclusions limiting my receiving and having money in my life.  When I became willing to pay attention to + respect + honor + bless my money I was blown away by how quickly money + other resources showed up in my world to support the life that I truly desired.

What if you didn’t judge yourself for your financial situation? What if you began to live into the question of “what else is possible?” + “what can I be, do, have, create, generate, choose or change today If me an my money were madly and passionately in love?”

Really?  I’d like to know?

Luv, Hugs, and Blessings

$1000 A Day??? How Dare You!!! Really??

Hey Love,

FACT :: Prosperity favors the bold. But being bold can be completely terrifying.
AND :: The outcome can be undeniably, irresistibly sweet!
Let me Love on you and give you a quick word of encouragement::
A How Dare You??? Who Do YOU think you are?? Steppin’ Out In Your New Stilettos – Move of brilliance!
In a series of gorgeous swoops (some tiny and some gigantic) you can get rid of the smaller packages that aren’t making you much cash – and wasting your time + energy – put your creativity up on a pedestal, and raise your day rate to $1,000.

Yep. ONE. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. A DAY.      – That’s $1,000.00 per day!!

It may take some sweat and some tears.

(yes:: you my cry with relief, joy and umm, yes, fear.)

But you’ve got to get big-girl bold and raise those rates!  I did and now I’ve even got a waiting-list.

You can do that for your business, you know.

“Oh girl, how DARE she!”

How DARE I, indeed.

Because…I’m worth it? Eh. Sure. So are other (cheaper) folks.
Because…I’m booked 2 months in advance? Maybe. Getting closer.
Because…I’m offering a ferociously swift income acceleration service that no one else in the world can provide, in precisely the way that I swing it? Possibly. Better.
Because…having persuasive, memorable & inspiring programs, products, and services to monetize your life’s learning is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, in business acceleration & personal clarity? Uh-huh. Sooo close.
Because…when my clients invest $1,000 to spend a day with me, we both show up FULLY — and the result is a creative crystal clear glitter-bomb that’s bigger & more meaningful that either one of us could imagine?BINGO.

Now, I’m not suggesting that people inherently have to pay major bucks to revel in the positive side-effects of deep commitment.

But something fascinating happens when you charge “how DARE you!” rates for your time…

You raise the brilliance barometer — for yourself.
You RISE to your own self-declared pricetag.
You make Darn sure that you’re worth it — that you’re giving everything you’ve got, every time.
And your clients ELEVATE to meet you, there.

To put it down sharply…

How DARE you command breathtaking rates for your time?

For your book learnin’, street learnin’ & synthesized wisdom? For your DNA-inscribed gifts? For the opportunity to experience the summit of your capacity to serve, to inspire, to create, to transform — lives, businesses, communities, societies, the planet? For the skills that people are literally falling in line to get a dose of? For your LIFE’s WORK?

How DARE you…not.

Oh, yes you can. Choose it now.

Stick with me, sweetie. I’ll get you there.

Self + Love + Business

Where does it come from? 

Luscious Dark Chocolate squares waiting on my kitchen counter and a cup of hot tea with just enough sweetener—and all for me + an unexpected compliment…from myself + blue sky over Cali after days of smog + free parking on a busy downtown street + a chance to help someone else uncover their self :: love :: business + their entrepreneurial movement + getting paid for my talent— now that’s hot!

I wasted years of my life ignoring the delicious, self-satisfying reward of self :: love :: business.

I traded my potential for transactions laced with cash—and only cash. I caught glimpses of something more—helping a friend revamp her life with deep conversations, witnessing other people boast deliciously about their new careers and foreign travel—but the elusive happiness I bumped into always slipped away too soon, and I would go back to fighting for breath in my anemic life.

I blamed the rain, my past, my sucky-suck relationships, the stock market, and anything else that crossed my path of chronic, unending self-pity. Ouch.

What I realize now is that it’s not about what I don’t have.  It’s not about what I don’t own. And it has nothing to do with what I don’t know. It’s about what I can give my self :: love :: business.  I deeply believe it’s about…    

honoring :: your gifts. radically

trading :: status quo :: for sanity

serving yourself :: seconds :: of what you love

making self :: love :: business a priority

It comes from working hard at what you love + taking time to enjoy the rewards + feeling playful and empowered + accepting the limits of your heart  + reaching out and looking inward + celebrating Monday (not just Friday) …and expressing your self :: love :: business daily—not just the one day out of the year when it’s socially acceptable.

Take Action!

What can you do today to express you self :: Love :: Business?

Don’t Try This Alone!!!

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to do it alone.  Stiletto Wealth is a one-woman brand, but I still need outsource business partners like my Event Queen, Linda Cain;  dream catchers like my writing and message maven, Amanda Johnson;  and leaders like my coach & professional millionaire marketing muse, Adam Urbanski to keep me headed toward the stars.

:: Who do you reach for when the stakes are high?

The higher you climb, the more you need a team of spirited, passionate people to keep you moving towards your Stiletto Wealth Dream.


:: you’re not making the money you want (and deserve)
:: your dream clients are MIA
:: your results are less than stellar
(even though you’re working your stilettos off)
:: your Stiletto Wealth Dream is stalled
(or worse you’re without one altogether)

Open your heart + reach out + ask for help and make an investment in your business (and yourself!).

Take Action!

Make a list of  3 things you can delegate today!

Make a list of 3 people who can support you in your business and help it grow Fast!

Just remember:

You don’t have to be alone in your business…anymore!

Play In The World You Want To Be In


Play in the world you want to be in

Sexy Savvy Stiletto Sister,

Because you’re here,  I know you’re serious about building an empire.

It’s time to for you to play in the world you want to be in and not where you think it’s “realistic” for you to be.

Uh-huh. As the first half of 2012 wraps up, say goodbye to cozy-comfort zones and stale realism, and take on some new challenges.

Here are three ideas that will help you get out of your cozy-comfort, put on your big girl stilettos  and play in the world you want to be in:

:: Get Out of Cozy-Comfort Zone: Attending depressing networking events that make you feel desperate about yourself.

:: Play in Big Girl ZoneFind your next group of movers + shakers and, go on, square your shoulders, sashay up to the door and push it open. Crash the party and network like a Fancy Lady of Business! Assume you’re meant to be there. Because guess what, darling? You are.

:: Get Out of Cozy-Comfort Zone: Hanging out with whiny, low-energy people (even if it’s your best friend).

:: Play in Big Girl Zone: Hanging out with peeps that are smarter, savvier and more successful than you.

:: Get Out of Cozy-Comfort Zone: Being cheap in your business, cuz girl you’re good at everything and you can do it ALL on your own!

:: Play in Big Girl Zone: Investing in your business and going total pro this year. Yeah! That’s right! Spend the big bucks and delegate anything and everything that you are not 1000% good at and totally enjoy.

Remember: Everything you think, everything you say, and everything you do will propel you, either forward or back!

Time to level up. World domination awaits!

Luv + Hugs + Blessings

Wealthy Mind + Body + Soul = Amazing Me

Hello Lovely!

I’m on a 90 Day Mission for health and well being! I am making a commitment to myself to love me by nourishing my body, soul, and mind – exercising regularly and enjoying life immensely!

Amazing Me – That’s what I’m calling it!

First step Burke Williams spa membership! whoohoo!

I’m Doing It Scared!

I posted that on Facebook a couple of days ago and quickly received tons of likes and comments.

But that wasn’t it….

My inbox was flooded with private Facebook messages from people who wanted to join me in the challenge and secretly share their commitment.

It was emotional reading the way people felt about how they’ve neglected their self care, feeling alone, and somewhat powerless to break the cycle and make a change.

But when they saw my post they thought I Can Do This! And rose to the challenge.

So What Are You Doing, Shameca?

It’s official! I’m stepping into the spot light!

With tears in my eyes… and the willingness to open up my life to inspire courage and possibility in others…I’m blogging and video blogging the “Amazing Me 90 Day challenge”

Truth Wealth is about the whole self not just money!

Am I apprehensive? HOCKEY STICKS YES! but for the next 90 days. I will be the poster girl for “Do It Scared”!

It’s the Stiletto Wealth Way! OMG (did I just say that?)

Yep That’s Right We Start July 1! I’ll be checking in at least once a week. Sometimes more if anything exciting is happening.

I’ll post on my personal FB page and blog on my site

Wanna Join In?

What is one thing you can commit to for 90 days to nourish your mind, body, and soul?

Post comments as a blog through the journey.

Start Now!

Share Your 90 Day Amazing Me Challenge in the comments section below!

5 Money Mindset Shifts to Open Cash Flow

Every headline, news report, and magazine cover seems to scream the same thing at us day after day: “The Economy Is Doomed!” So it’s an especially important time to watch your own beliefs, and make sure you don’t fall into a “scarcity” mentality. Believe it or not, there are many people out there making good money, and in fact, making more money in the last four years than they had ever previously!

Why shouldn’t this include you? What are the “messages” you’re telling yourself? Are your thoughts consistently filled with abundance, creativity, and possibility? Or are they more often “running a number” on you about lack, failure, and pessimism – even unconsciously? Your mind is a very powerful tool of creation.

Your thought patterns really do create the way that you experience the world around you and the things that you focus your attention on will be attracted to you. So, you must become aware of what your money mindset beliefs are  (or your money B.S. as I like to call them) and whether they are helping or hindering your success.

Here are 5 money mindset shifts that will support you and your business:

Money Is Really Simply an “Exchange of Energy”:

With everything that you do, and everything you receive, there is an exchange of energy. This is true also in your business; with every client communication, every consultation, every tele-class, and every written article, you are giving out energy, and it is being received by the other person. Money can be looked at as a representation of this energy. People pay you in the form of money (energy), so that they can receive your gifts. And then you pay others with money (energy) for their products or services. It’s really just one big exchange of energy – the money “itself” is just rectangular, green paper (at least in the US). The Shift: It’s really about what it represents, right?

Money Is a Sign That You Are Impacting The World:

Too often, coaches, consultants, and others in “helping” professions have negative associations with making a lot of money. Oh, they want a reasonable amount – but when asked to dream big, many say that wanting an excess of money feels greedy and uncouth. But think about this – you’re paid for your gifts and talents, and the impact that those have on your clients. So this money represents the tremendous effect you are having on the world. The Shift: More money is a sign of your greater impact, plain and simple.

You Must Actively Pay Attention To Your Money:

Respect and gratitude for money is extremely important. It’s like a relationship: Would you stick around for someone who didn’t pay any attention to you. It’s mandatory that you know exactly what you have, and that you’re making mindful decisions about what to use it for (remember the “exchange of energy” concept). It’s also helpful to get honest about your money situation with a small group of trusted friends or mastermind members who can “hold you as powerful” and support your intentions to bring in more income. This level of intimacy actually banishes any shame you may have about your money situation. And lastly, take a moment for gratitude with every check you write to pay bills or purchase you make – that you have the money to do so! The Shift: You get what you focus on and what you focus and pay attention to grows and becomes a bigger part of your life.

Stop Trying to Control the “How” of Money:

When you feel in your “gut” that you’re on the right track – when you’re coming from a place of inspiration – always take the next indicated action. Don’t talk yourself out of it with limiting beliefs such as “I don’t know how” or “what if it doesn’t work?” The moment you say YES and commit, trust me, the means will show up. The “how” of it all will present itself, one action at a time. You don’t have to know it all before you start moving forward. Money may flow in beyond your wildest expectations, and from a variety of sources you never could have predicted. Better to let go of controlling how it’s all going to work – God usually has something greater in mind than we can even imagine.

Money Needs To Flow:

“Money is like water, it needs to flow. When it doesn’t, it damns up, stagnates and goes septic. Fear, doubt and anxiety will stagnate the flow of money.” ~ Kendall Summerhawk, Million Dollar Marketing Coach

If you want your clients to spend their money with you, YOU need to be a model for spending your money with others. Period. Now, I’m not suggesting going into debt. But what I AM recommending is you continue to invest wisely in your business. On an energetic level there is no way you’ll get prospective clients to invest with you if you’re not walking your talk. The trick is to invest in products and services that add VALUE to your life or business. Once you practice this for yourself, you’ll understand first hand what it feels like so you can authentically guide your prospective clients to do the same. The Shift: Holding on to money will not keep you from losing it but it will keep you broke!  Keep money circulating, spend and receive, spend and receive!

Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine?

No problem! But here’s what you MUST include:

Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit:

3 Sure Fire Ways To Know Your Worth

I’ve had my battles with self worth issues.  Even as confident as I am.

I used to believe that an increase in income or a windfall will make everything better and loved the status that came from the things that money helped me buy. I used whatever credit and money I had to buy things that would impress others.

I believed money would solve all of my problems.

And with that belief came the presence of ongoing anxiety about my money status that occurred because my self-worth was linked to my net worth. I took crazy financial risks because I wanted to have the stories of big gains to impress people.

Little by little I had to make changes internally on both my conscious and subconscious mind around money and externally in the terms of shifting my business model as well as shifting the way I treat and pay attention to money.

One of the results is that I’ve become truly comfortable setting prices, and talking about money with clients and my family. As a result, I am much more successful as a business owner.

The truth is HOW you feel about money can have a significant impact on your overall mental and emotional well-being as well as your ability to generate consistent income.

So Here are my 3 tips:

  • Get clear about your worth. State it, repeat it, own it. “Don’t mess around,” and be confident of the value that you provide. Build your self worth bank.
  • Accept discomfort. Building a sense of self-worth can be challenging—even painful. Remember this…Everything you truly want is right outside of your comfort zone.
  • Earn more now. Women earn 20% less than men.  The fastest way to change your net worth now by earning more. Set lofty goals.  Raise your fees. Ask for a raise.
  • Never believe your “limitations.  Stick with your vision, hire people to help and support you — You’re a wealthy entrepreneur.  Wealthy Entrepreneurs Don’t Do It Alone!

I’d love to here from you…

How’s your inner sense of self-worth?

Want to use this article on your website or your own ezine?

No problem! But here’s what you MUST include:

Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit:

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