Why Talk About Money?

Hey There… If you’re ready to stop feeling like you are struggling pushing and pulling for every dime you make.  It’s time to get vocal about  your money.  


Here’s the deal love….

What’s happening is money is controlling you instead of you having control of money.

When you look at  Relationships, Finances, Physical/Health, Spirit, Emotions, and the Mind.  

Here’s what I know for sure… Your financial life has a huge impact on all of the other areas.

Consider this:

If you have money problems….

Those money problems likely affect:

  • Stress Levels
  • Whether you sleep at night – (good thing the Olympics come on late)
  • Worry (that feeling in the pit of your stomach)
  • Emotions (mood swings)
  • Relationships (fights with your husband…yelling at the kids)


If there was only someone you could talk to about your money situation….someone that won’t judge, criticize or look down on you… right?

Talking about money has become one of those taboo subjects that is NEVER talked about.

People are more willing to share about a violent crime they were involved in rather than talk about what is in their bank account.


Yet money problems are at the root cause of

  • Health Issues
  • Many Divorces
  • Mental Cases
  • Violent Crimes and Even Suicide

So here is the dilemma… If talking about money is the #1 “Don’t talk about” subject, how are we ever going to turn our financial life around?

And if Money is the #1 cause of problems experienced in our bodies, relationships and mind… Then isn’t it time to HEAL OUR MONEY?

We are willing to spend  time, money and energy on healing our bodies, healing our minds, and healing our spirit.

Don’t you think It’s time to stop putting money on the back burner and HEAL OUR BANK ACCOUNT too.

The truth is when you heal your money you heal your mind, you heal your spirt, and you heal your relationships.  

Take Action

Here’s a Place to Start:

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have and how stressful your money situation may be…..

  1. Begin focusing on being in GRATITUDE for what you have now and OPEN yourself to RECEIVE MONEY
  2. Start paying attention to your money and your money beliefs.
  3. Discover what is stopping that flow of money you want. And Create a NEW Money belief… A Belief that serves you.
  4. Get Vocal:  Be honest and start sharing your money successes and dilemmas… It’s okay… It’s time to break the taboo

OPEN yourself to RECEIVE MONEY…. Because despite past mistakes, decisions, or circumstances…. By God’s Design…It is your right to have abundance + prosperity + wealth!


About Shameca Tankerson

I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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