3 Sure Fire Ways To Know Your Worth

I’ve had my battles with self worth issues.  Even as confident as I am.

I used to believe that an increase in income or a windfall will make everything better and loved the status that came from the things that money helped me buy. I used whatever credit and money I had to buy things that would impress others.

I believed money would solve all of my problems.

And with that belief came the presence of ongoing anxiety about my money status that occurred because my self-worth was linked to my net worth. I took crazy financial risks because I wanted to have the stories of big gains to impress people.

Little by little I had to make changes internally on both my conscious and subconscious mind around money and externally in the terms of shifting my business model as well as shifting the way I treat and pay attention to money.

One of the results is that I’ve become truly comfortable setting prices, and talking about money with clients and my family. As a result, I am much more successful as a business owner.

The truth is HOW you feel about money can have a significant impact on your overall mental and emotional well-being as well as your ability to generate consistent income.

So Here are my 3 tips:

  • Get clear about your worth. State it, repeat it, own it. “Don’t mess around,” and be confident of the value that you provide. Build your self worth bank.
  • Accept discomfort. Building a sense of self-worth can be challenging—even painful. Remember this…Everything you truly want is right outside of your comfort zone.
  • Earn more now. Women earn 20% less than men.  The fastest way to change your net worth now by earning more. Set lofty goals.  Raise your fees. Ask for a raise.
  • Never believe your “limitations.  Stick with your vision, hire people to help and support you — You’re a wealthy entrepreneur.  Wealthy Entrepreneurs Don’t Do It Alone!

I’d love to here from you…

How’s your inner sense of self-worth?

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Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit: http://www.MakingRoomForMoney.com


About Shameca Tankerson

I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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  1. Great post Shameca. I get goose bumps when I visit a powerful woman entrepreneur’s site – and she talks about MONEY! I love talking about money. I can do it all day 🙂 I agree, the fastest way to multiply your income is getting clear about your worth. Earlier this week, I had an energizing VIP 1/2 day with one of my star clients. I took her through an exercise to show her what she and her expertise where TANGIBLY worth. She was shocked! She finally realized she had been giving away her services… No, wait, she was actually PAYING HER CLIENTS to work with HER! Insanity! So she now confidently will sell that $1,500 package at $7,500. Just like that! The power of KNOWING YOUR WORTH. Pow!!!

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