Is Your Money Mindset Crippling Your Business?

The latest statistics from the Small Business Administration’s latest stats show that new businesses have a 50 percent chance of surviving beyond the first five years.

Some common factors that contribute to business failures are:

 #1 Insufficient Capital,
#2  Poor Management and Lack
#3  Planning
 But, there is a silent enemy that can also doom business success. This enemy takes residence in the battle field of  the mind–our money beliefs. Our beliefs about money is rooted in our deeper beliefs. Our self-image, perception of value and experiences (you know… our stories) all influence our money beliefs. Becoming aware of our money beliefs brings clarity into our way of thinking. Unhealthy money beliefs (money mindset) can destroy a successful business.
Here are some warning signs:
Excessive discounting
A strong need to be all things to all people
Operating in a constant state of fear.
There are behaviors that may indicate an unhealthy money mindset. In my new book, The Money Masquarade: It’s Time to Remove the Mask and Make room for the Money, we call the song and dance we perform as a result of our money beliefs and perceprtions, The Money Masquarade. .
Here’s a tip on how to increase you Money Moxie while igniting the power you have over money to create a wildly successful enterprise.
One of the keys to removing the money masks is to uncover deeply rooted beliefs and question their validity. Entrepreneurs who assess their business’s potential to make money without first taking inventory of their own money mask are potentially setting themselves up for failure. Money is the energy that mobilizes every business, an entrepreneur’s money beliefs will show up within every business structure. Businesses fail for a many reasons, but you can increase your chances of success by dealing with your money mask and developing positive money beliefs.
Shameca Tankerson, is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Cash Flow Success Mentor to entrepreneurs and service professionals. Using a proven system, she opens a candid dialogue about money that teaches her clients how to breakthrough to their next income level and expand into a cash flowing business with a new collaborative business model that is liberating, Inspiring and Powerful.  To Get your F.R.E.E. “Spark Your Cash Flow Financial Success Kit”  – Making Room For Money: 5 Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Sabotage Their Cash Flow (And How To Avoid Them). Visit:

About Shameca Tankerson

I challenge women squash self doubt, crush blocks, & gain the confidence, language, & skill to Play Big, Charge More, & Sell With POWER.

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